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Jan 01.27

The Art of Massage

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Studies show that when we do something kind for another person, our own happiness increases. One act of kindness can create a virtuous cycle that brings regular acts of love into your relationship. We're not just talking about THE act of love (although that may be the end result), we're talking about a soft, sensuous massage.

Start out with a Tender is the Night massage bar. This luxurious, heart-shaped bar is intended for one use (or two, if your partner is feeling generous). Crush the light, velvety bar between your hands and inhale the seductive scent of jasmine, ylang ylang and vanilla. The shea butter and almond oil melt in your hands, and onto the back and body of your loved one. 

Now, the fun part.

Start at the top, shoulders and arms, and work your way down the back as you melt the butters onto the skin, hands gliding smoothly. Set the unused portion of the bar aside for them to use on you later, or go all the way and rub the entire bar all over their body from head to toe. Work your hands into the muscles, rubbing out any kinks or knots you find. Try to keep your hands on their body the entire time to keep your partner relaxed.

Massage everywhere.

Press your fingers up and widen them across the base of the scalp, rub around their ears, gently pull the earlobes. Massage the jaw, remind them to breathe deeply and release the tension in their face and body. Rub down the neck to their shoulders and lower back, arms, hands. Massage the buttocks, legs, right down to the feet. Rub the arch of the foot, the heel, and the tips of the toes.

Be generous.

Take the time to connect with your partner's body, and really feel with your fingers where the tension is kept. If they moan when you get to a certain part, spend extra time there. Ask them where they want your hands to go. Do it to connect with them, to show them you love and appreciate them, and because it makes us feel good to do kind things for the ones we love.

Who knows what could happen next...

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