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Loranda Vazquez

Loranda's LUSH story begins fresh out of university. Knowing she wanted to write for a living, but not knowing where to start, she turned to her friends and family for words of wisdom. Loranda's father-in-law gave her the following advice: "Find a company that you love, and find out how to do what you love for that company". She applied at one place - LUSH.
Loranda began as a sales associate and voiced her dream of one day becoming a copywriter. In the shop, she learned about the brand, products and ingredients and moved into managing. Next she traveled around North America setting up new stores and training staff on LUSH merchandising with the Design Team. She practiced her LUSH writing every day! Finally a position opened up for copywriter - her dream job! Since the spring of 2009, Loranda's been writing for the LUSH Times, the website and everything in between.

Oct 10.15

The Twilight Zone

Posted In: Behind the Scenes

On a dark stormy night, deep in the LUSH labs, two of our crazed inventors were working to magically transform some of our most popular fragrances into new products.

In one room an inventor, driven mad by customer requests for more products with the scent of Twilight Bath Bomb, finally achieved the impossible; Twilight shower gel was born! A deep purple color and a twinkling lustre recreate the eerie hour between sundown and nightfall, and just like the ephemeral time of Twilight, this gel will only be around for a short time!

Right next door, another inventor was brewing something up. Obsessed with the fragrance of our Calacas shower jelly, he decided to bring it back again this Halloween. But that wasn't enough, he wanted more Calacas! The mad inventor spent all night pouring the scent from beaker to bubbling beaker, looking to transform the lime and neroli oil perfume into something for the bath. Lightning struck, thunder rumbled, baking soda was pressed and finally, the Enchanter Bath Bomb was revealed!

This Halloween, indulge in your most loved scents, transformed into new and wonderful products. Also be sure to pick up the returning favorite, Pumpkin soap, because fall just wouldn't be the same without its warming cinnamon and sweet orange oil scent. Happy Halloween!