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Dec 12.20

Vegan Wish List: Vegan in Your Life? 10 Gift Ideas

Posted In: LUSH Values

Once upon a time, Vegan was a bad, misunderstood word along with patchouli, tea tree, and long hair. Nowadays choosing a plant-based diet and lifestyle is just another norm and the planet is all the better for it. Thankfully so is the use of patchouli, tea tree, and long, glorious hair!

With 83% of our products made vegan, it's easy to shop for vegans at LUSH. Contrary to popular belief vegans are rather fond of bathing so you're in luck here. These are our to picks for vegan-friendly products:

  1. Ultrabalm: simplicity at its best, our effective, no nonsense moisturizing balm.
  2. None of Your Beeswax: a light, citrus lip balm to keep lips soft and supple.
  3. Karma bubble bar: transport their senses in a tubful of citrus, patchouli, and pine.
  4. The Olive Branch: gentle, moisturizing shower gel made with Fair Trade olive oil.
  5. Dream Cream: our number one, best-selling product of all time for dry and sensitive skin.
  6. Peace: a beautiful massage bar made with organic Fair Trade cocoa butter.
  7. Seanik: our mineral-rich, sea salt volumizing solid shampoo. One bar lasts for ages.
  8. Happy Happy Joy Joy: our newest vegan conditioner for soft, fragranced locks.
  9. Sea Spray: sea salt, sea water, and seaweed for style, shine, and beachy tresses.
  10. Silky Underwear: slip a little jasmine-scented dusting powder under the tree.

While it's hard to believe, if the vegan you're shopping for is already living the LUSH Life to the fullest, there are many thoughtful gifts out there to fit their lifestyle.

We can't live without: