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Sep 09.30

We Put the FRESH in Handmade Cosmetics

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Fresh is more than a name or gimmick here at LUSH; it’s at the core of who we are.

We’ve always focused on creating innovative products with the best and freshest ingredients possible, and we’ll continue in our adventures in cosmetics to create inventive and effective alternatives to the ordinary.

LUSH products are freshly made by hand, but you probably knew that by now. Although there have been enough questions over the years that we know some of you are quite convinced that our products are made by Oompa Loompas! The factories where are our products are made are magical; but there are very real people behind each and every product. The face stickers reveal the very person who crafted your soap, shower gel, and body lotion.

When the fresh fruits and vegetables get delivered- including vodka, honey and chocolate our neighbors may wonder if we are in fact making delectable goodies, and not soap. The honey and chocolate gets blended into delectable goodies, but goodies made for your bath and body.

We like to use the finest ingredients and we have Buyers who seek to find the best honey, chocolate, seaweed, and even organic vegan stout from around the world. If you consider an ingredient good enough to eat, then it makes perfect sense that it would be good enough for your body. There is no need for us to employ squirrels to sort out the good nuts from the bad, we buy only the best nuts and nut oils from suppliers we investigate and trust.