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May 05.30

10 Facts About Shampoo Bars

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The concept of Solid Shampoo still surprises people new to LUSH, who are dubious of our claim these compact disks could possibly last for months on end.

With the average head of hair getting 60-80 washes they pack quite a punch into each portable, effective, and packaging-free bar. Here are just some of the reasons to ditch the bottle and head to the (Shampoo) Bar:

1. Shampoo Bars are only one of the product ranges that product inventor and co-founder Mo Constantine has created over the years. Mo pioneered the Bath Bomb and developed our innovative Soaps as well. For these many contributions to the cosmetics industry, Mo and Mark Constantine were recognized by Queen Elizabeth II in a very fancy ceremony with OBE’s, honors from the Order of the British Empire. Huzzah!

mark and mo constantine awarded with OBE's

2. Karma Komba was created with essential oils like patchouli and lavender that benefit the scalp. Orange oil boosts shine as well. When inventing it, Mark Constantine thought of the band Massive Attack’s song “Karmacoma”, since you can comb-a your hair so easily after using it, and your hair will be filled with Karma Perfume.

3. Shampoo Bars offer practicality with a dash of luxury to any backpacking excursion or road trip. Aside from being handy as shampoo and body wash, they can be used to hand wash dirty laundry or dishes. So lightweight and compact, they take up virtually no space in luggage and are safe for carry-on. Pat dry between uses, and store in a LUSH Shampoo Tin, old black pot, or other home of your liking and they'll be your most trusty travel companion!

Karma Komba shampoo bar at LUSH

4. New! Shampoo Bar blends herbs and spices like peppermint and clove together to keep the scalp’s blood flow pumping healthy oxygen to the follicles, which produce our hair. On average, humans have between 100-150 THOUSAND follicles on our scalps. While we grow and lose hair, we’re born with a set number of follicles, but their activity changes throughout our lifetimes. People who are balding have the same number of follicles, just less activity inside of them.

5. Shampoo Bars are a great example of Naked LUSH products, requiring no additional packaging around them! This isn’t all they cut out - with no liquid in the formula; there is no need for added preservative ingredients. What we didn’t cut out is how lovely they wash and perfume your hair!

6. Soak and Float is the most reached for among Shampoo Bars to treat sore, itchy, flaky, miserable scalps. The characteristic campfire-like scent of Soak and Float comes from cade oil, an ingredient used in perfumery for a smoky note, as well as in cosmetics for powerful antiseptic. It is also known as juniper tar, and is produced in a process that slow-combusts the woody material from the juniper tree. Cade oil has a high concentration of terpenes and phenols--which are the active components that relieve symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, and fungal infections.

Jumping Juniper solid shampoo bar at LUSH

7. Made with juniperberry oil, Jumping Juniper has a signature herbal fragrance and balancing effect on oily scalps. The juniper “berry” is actually not technically a berry, however, but rather a small seed cone. The green, young juniperberries are what Gin is made from, whereas well-matured, darker berries are more favored for culinary use.

8. Ultimate Shine contains gardenia extract, which plays well with other ingredients in both perfumes as well as in the color of a product. Crocin, a component of gardenia’s essence, is valued for the yellow color it lends a formula, acting as a natural colorant rather than requiring artificial color. We also use it in Godiva and Karma Komba for this purpose as well as its heavenly aroma.

9. You probably can deduce that Godiva gets its name from Lady Godiva, who around a thousand years ago, was one of the most powerful women in Coventry, England. Did you also know Godiva has beautiful conditioning bits included to add a richness to the lather and create a 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner Bar? This makes is even more ideal for traveling with, or if you have longer tresses. With the heavenly jasmine scent that lingers after washing, plus the softness of hair, we think even Lady Godiva herself would approve.

Eco-friendly, solid shampoo bars from LUSH Cosmetics

10. The Shampoo Bars are a crowning achievement of the LUSH product range, using effective formulas to tackle all sorts of hair and scalp needs. LUSH product inventors credit training they received from Stan Kryzstal, a renowned Cosmetic Chemist and beloved mentor. It was Mr. Kryzstal who helped them work out the right configurations for many early formulas, thus setting up their foundation for the rest of the LUSH product line to come to life. His influence can’t be overstated! 

Perfect for use at home, at the gym, or on the go wherever, Shampoo Bars have converted many LUSH customers away from plastic bottles of shampoo, with more embracing these puck-sized powerhouses each day. With so many benefits to the scalp, hair and scent of the air around you added to their convenience, this is one product range in which we set the Bar intentionally high.