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Dec 12.23

10 things to do when the weather outside is frightful

Posted In: LUSH Life

And since we’ve no place to go, let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

If you’re spending the bulk of your holiday vacation indoors hiding from the snow piling up outside, don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of ten fun things to inside while you’re waiting for the temperature to rise. Once you’ve done all ten (or even just one), tell us about it in the comments! Or better yet, share your own tips for battling cabin fever over the holidays.

1. Host a slumber party

That’s right – it’s time to bust out your sleeping bags, download a few guilty pleasures (Clueless, anyone?) and party like it’s 1999. Of course, no slumber party is complete without applying a Fresh Face Mask and taking selfies together. When you’re done, don’t throw those pots in the recycling. Save them for us instead – you can bring five clean, empty black pots to any LUSH shop to receive a fresh face mask free. Bonus!

2. Arm-knit a scarf
Knitting needles are so 2012. Did you know that you can knit a chunky scarf using your arms instead of needles? Our minds were blown too. Simply Maggie shows you how to do it here. She claims it only takes 30 minutes, but hey, we won’t judge you if yours takes longer. Plus, you’ll end up with a cozy scarf to wear once you eventually have to brave the outdoors to acquire more snacks. 

3. Plan your next vacation

When simply looking at the snow piling up outside is making you shiver, it’s time to start dreaming of palm trees and beach hammocks. Look up the latest last-minute deals on major travel sites, or create a “My Dream Vacation” board on pinterest. Pin photos of your dream destination, the outfits you’ll pack, the drinks you’ll indulge in and, of course, the LUSH products you’ll bring with you!

4. Make a Buche de Noel cake
Want to impress all your friends and family at Christmas dinner? Waltz into the dining room with this holiday classic. If you’re stuck at home and have time to do a test run beforehand, even better! Follow these instructions, or watch the master chef herself, Julia Child, make one in this vintage episode of The French Chef. Once you’ve completed your masterpiece, you can 1) take photos to make all your friends jealous, and then 2) devour it.

5. Watch the Internet Cat Video Festival

We’re huge animal lovers at LUSH, and there’s no better way to enjoy a cold day inside than watching a playlist from the Walker Art Center Internet Cat Video Festival. And don’t forget our real life furry friends! There are too many animals without homes across North America. Contact your local shelter to find out how you can help them during the colder months.

6. Practice fun make up looks

Why wait for a theme party to get dressed up in costume? Break out your Emotional Brilliance colors and experiment with imitating different iconic looks, like Cleopatra, David Bowie or Twiggy. Rifle through your tickle trunk to complete the costume, and then stage a photo shoot complete with props! When you’re done, remove your make up with Ultrabland and have fun going through the photos.

7. Wrap your Christmas gifts

Instead of leaving all your wrapping to Christmas Eve, get resourceful and wrap your gifts in one big sweep with recycled maps, book covers or a LUSH Times catalog. This LUSH Blog post features a number of eco-friendly and adorable ways to wrap everything on your list before popping it under the tree.

8. Draw the perfect bath
A big, warm, bubbly bath is a must-do. Pick out your favorite Bubble Bar, Bath Bomb or Luxury Bath Melt, pop on your favorite album and soak your cares away. So just how do you achieve bathtime perfection? LUSH trainer Erica gives you all her expert tips in this handy video.

9. Build a blanket fort
Whether you have kids at home or are just a kid at heart, snuggling up inside a blanket fort to read a good book or watch a movie is pretty much the epitome of coziness. The best part about building one is that you get to make up the rules. Secret pathways, code words and a grandiose name for your fluffy palace are all part of the fun. Follow this step-by-step guide for a few tips and tricks!

10. Write letters to far away friends

Dead and gone is the romance of receiving a handwritten letter! Emails, Facebook, Twitter and text messages are all perfectly adequate means of communication, but finding a handwritten letter in your mailbox is truly special. Sit down to write your far away friends and family a card or note – you might just end up with a pen pal!