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Apr 04.18

10 Things You Might Not Know About Honey

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Honey is one of nature’s purest ingredients--the gooey result of dedicated honeybees. Apart from the scent, flavor and golden-hued goodness we associate with honey, it creates a buzz for all kinds of different reasons:

1. Spanish poet Antonio Machado once wrote, "I dreamt - marvelous error! - that I had a beehive here insife my heart. And the golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from my old failures."

2. Honey changes appearance and texture over time, and is sensitive to its environment, but some batches appear to be thousands of years old and not rancid. Honey was one of the gifts entombed inside Egyptian crypts. When explorers found ancient burial sites, the honey they found in some cases was quite well-preserved.  

3. Honey has noted antiseptic powers, and aids in creating a protective barrier on wounds. It lends a hand in the skin’s natural processes of healing itself and fighting infection.  

4. American Cream Conditioner has instant softening powers thanks to its honey water base, blended fresh for each batch. In 2012, Lush Compounders poured over just under 25,000kg (or 6,636 gallons!) into all of our yummy honey products! Honey acts as an emulsifier and adds a luxurious, rich texture to products. 

5. Taste what’s blooming in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park through the honey produced there. Golden Gate Park honey is anything but ordinary and depending on the batch, you can catch a whiff of what’s in bloom, along with notes of the park’s abundant eucalyptus and lavender. Habitat For Honeybees, a small non-profit, sells the golden good stuff in several San Francisco locations, and on-line. Sales of the honey help their mission of providing opportunities for disadvantaged honeybees throughout the Bay Area.

6. Depending on the source of the nectar, the honey produced can range in color, texture, scent and flavor. Every batch of honey is different, thanks to variances in temperature, rainfall, and nectar production year-to-year. Like wine, each season’s crop might harvest a slightly different yield. It can take nectar from up to 2 million flowers to create one pound of honey, for an average hive of 60,000 bees. 

7. Seduction and espionage are bound together in the term “Honey Trap”--referring to a female spy utilizing sex appeal when alluring her target; Lush’s Honey Trap offers all the same enticement without the danger.

8. Honeybees are only dangerous when they are defending their colony--when they are foraging in a garden they are perfectly harmless. Once bees settle into a new spot, it can take only 72 hours for them to begin producing honey. They are the ultimate team workers! 

9. Honey I Washed The Kids soap is a universal favorite, and smells good enough to eat, (but don’t!) Each round of the soap is hand-made using fresh honey, aloe vera gel and a gentle palm-free soap base. See how it’s made--including the signature honeycomb layer.

10. Beekeeping resources abound on the internet. On average, if you have time and space to garden, you can tend bees, too. You can also contribute to community efforts, or purchase honey harvested locally. Another way to help the bees is to buy a pot of Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion, which is supporting grassroots urban beekeeping groups Burgh Bees ( and Honey Love (

We appreciate all of the hard-working honeybees producing honey out there. There’s no place like comb!  Honey is one of nature’s finest superfoods, and a remarkable, sticky and truly delectable substance.