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Aug 08.20

10 Things You Might Not Know About Avocados

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10 amazing facts about avocados

Like all of the best things in life, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And for the 500-plus varieties of avocados out there, ranging in size, shape and color, this is especially true. Covered in what looks like alligator skin, but soft and buttery inside, the tropical fruits are packed with nutritional value. Conveniently packaged in its own serving bowl, the green flesh doesn’t ripen until it’s picked from the tree. It’s hard to narrow down our favorite things about them, but there are at least 10 reasons why avocados are anything but the pits.   

1.  The trees are native to Mexico, but many varieties now flourish world-wide in warmer regions and they are enjoyed in cuisine around the world. Aside from being delicious and versatile, avocados are free of both cholesterol and sodium. They contain beneficial antioxidants vitamins C and E, and tons of nutrients to promote overall health.

2.  Every week, heaps of fresh avocados are smashed and mashed into LUSH products.   Last year, we used 674kg (or a whopping 1485 lbs). Since an average avocado tree bears 60 lbs of fruit a year, that’s about the full yield of 25 trees.

3.  LUSH Compounders scoop and smash the fresh fruit into several best-selling blends for both the skin and hair. One of our oldest formulas, Skin Drink facial moisturizer, contains fresh avocado to plump and hydrate dry skin. Body Butter royalty King Of Skin is a mastery of fresh material suspended in a solid buttery base that glides over your skin in a hot shower or bath. Freshly whipped avocado is added into the treatment H’suan Wen Hua along with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, to create an instant power smoothie for malnourished hair.

We put fresh avocados into our LUSH products

4.  We use even more avocado butter annually, up to 1333kg (2938 lbs). This is made in a hydrogenation process similar to how peanut butter is made, so the nutrients of the material are maintained but a solid, easily meltable substance is achieved. The delectable You’ve Been Mangoed is a Luxury Bath Melt containing avocado butter, to stay solid and fresh until placed in your hot bath water, where it instants gets to work moisturizing skin. Each Peach (and Two's A Pair), our mood-brightening Massage Bar also uses Avocado Butter’s melting power on the skin while delivering a blast of nutrients from the fruit in every rub.

5.  Cold-pressed avocado oil is also beneficial in both the skin and hair. Up to 30% of the flesh of avocados contains the healthy unsaturated fatty oils that promote elasticity and strength for the skin cells. We use it in our Gorgeous facial moisturizer to help your skin feel radiant. This nourishing oil along with other supreme moisturizing ingredients plump skin, while the brightening enzymes of the active juices in Gorgeous improve the skin’s tone. It can take up to ten avocado fruits to extract just one teaspoon of the oil - it’s precious and costly as a result, but well worth it for the effect it delivers.

Dark Angels cleanser is made with avocados

6.  Avocado oil was also chosen as the perfect complement to the detoxifying scrubbing of charcoal, Rhassoul mud, and black sugar in Dark Angels cleansing roll. They do a thorough job whisking away dirt and debris from pores, while avocado oil leaves skin feeling soft and polished. Aside from the other minerals, it’s got a richness that lasts through a good scrub, and delivers heaps of potassium into the skin, which is sometimes known as the “youth mineral”.

Retread hair moisturizer is made with fresh avocados

7.  Hair gets equal benefit from avocado oil’s nourishment. The heavy-weight champion of LUSH’s daily conditioners, Retread, gets added muscle from all of the vitamins packed into avocado oil. The nutritious ingredient is whipped up with fresh cantaloupe melon, olive oil and other hair-restoring ingredients to coat and condition every single strand.

8.  The styling cream R&B relies on avocado butter as a main ingredient for sleek texture and smoothing power in the hair. This is designed as a luxurious balmy cream for sealing down hair’s cuticles, which will improve the gloss and the overall softness of hair’s texture.

Our best-selling breast cream, Lovely Jubblies is made with fresh ingredients

9.  When we set out to create a cream dedicated to toning the neck, chest and breasts, the ingredients had to be perfect. Enter Lovely Jubblies, our firming, fantastic breast cream, brimming with avocado oil and botanical boosters for the skin like meadowsweet infusion.

10.  The ancient Aztecs believed in the power of the avocado to boost amorous feelings as well as fertility. They linked it to aphrodisiac qualities because of its pear-like shape, reminding them of testicles. Turns out, due to all of the minerals and nutrients in the fruit, eating them contributes to a healthy diet, which will boost chances for healthy and active sperm, so it’s not an outrageous link to make.

Whether it’s in a salad, on tacos, or in your bath water, the joys of avocados are plentiful. We love to think of new ways to shell out this flavorful fruit, and reap the benefits of its lovely nutrients aside from the heavenly flavor! We are what we eat, and our skin and hair soak up what we layer onto them, and avocados provide a nourishing feast.