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Jul 07.24

10 Things You Might Not Know About Lemons

Posted In: LUSH Facts

If ever there was a mascot for perseverance, it’s the lemon. Useful in every way around the house and kitchen and enjoyed around the world, lemons have universal appeal. At LUSH, we use enough fresh lemons each year to fill a yellow school bus! Here are 10 reasons to hop on that bus.

1.    If you have lemons you have way more than just the start to lemonade. You could make marinade, or your own wood polish, or dozens of other concoctions. Humans have used lemons for so long, across such vast demographics and for so many uses, its origins are hard to determine. What is known is that the tree and its hybrids have been grown for thousands of years across northern Africa and the Mediterranean, and since they are adaptable to many areas, they’ve flourished across the globe. Ancient Egyptians apparently enjoyed lemonade as a regular treat from the heat making refreshing use out of the lemons they were given.

2.    Nearly 3 tons of whole lemons are juiced at our factories each year for fresh LUSH products. The amount of lemon juice freshly squeezed into each pot of Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter is about equivalent to one whole lemon. Lemon juice has a natural lightening effect, improving the tone and appearance of nails, fingers and hands - or wherever you butter up! 

3.    Lemon rinds get mixed in with other bits of peel from oranges and limes in our Sexy Peel soap for decoration and also a bit of texture to the wash. It’s full of the essential oil lemons are prized for as well, so we are literally squeezing the fruit for every last bit.  Our Sexy Peel soap has held worldwide popularity since it was introduced in 2006 for getting mornings off to the zest start.

4.    When we make skin care products, especially for the face, consideration goes into every batch. Fresh lemon juice is added to Enzymion moisturizer to tackle oiliness with its active enzymes. It’s carefully balanced with exquisite moisturizers like cold-pressed avocado oil and fairly traded cocoa butter. With so much astringent juice mopping up the oils, these provide a softening and balancing layer of hydration for the skin. 

5.    Describing inspiration for Gorilla Perfume’s B Scent, LUSH Co-Founder Mark Constantine reveals, “When you think of perfume, it's impossible not to think of France. When I was young, I had a crush on a beautiful French waitress who smelled of lemons. I didn’t realize it at the time, but she must have been wearing good traditional cologne. It’s probably one of the reasons why I have a bit of a thing about cologne. . . Later, when I was working on the perfume, I ate some lovely soup with just a touch of fennel and it inspired me to add some to the fragrance. I like the fresh, soft, lemon opener and the floral heart, but I'm very happy with the elegance of the fennel flourish. Just foodie enough to make you smell good enough to eat."

6.    If your morning shower needs a bit of warmth, Bohemian Soap delivers a slice of sunshine. Citrus oils like lemon are cleansing on the skin, helping lift off residues as well as delivering vitamins all while being a uplifting, familiar and a comforting fragrance to wake up with. If you want to improve someone else’s morning, offer them a Shiny Happy People gift to really get their mornings going with Bohemian, Buffy Body Butter and Happy Hippy Shower Gel. 

7.    “The lemon tree is very pretty, and the lemon flower is sweet, but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat,” laments the Peter, Paul and Mary song.  While that’s debatable according to lemon-eating contestants, people have enjoyed the taste of lemons, at least, as long as the fruit has been around.  Sparkle Toothy Tabs use lemon peel powder because it’s cleansing and antibacterial as well as full of vitamin C, vitamins B1 and B2, and packs its signature zing to the taste buds.

8.    We purchase our lemon essential oil directly from its supplier, in southern Italy. We’ve visited the family-run production many times over the years. Visiting all of our suppliers is part of our process to ensure the quality of what we purchase. The fact that this one happens to be in idyllic southern Italy, with acres and acres of citrus groves, makes it that much more lovely to visit. 

9.    Salt-laden shampoo Big is a LUSH Bestseller. Big Solid Conditioner is the post-washing counterpart to keeps the ante up. We use lemons in both to increase shine in the hair.  Lemons acidity works well to create a seal over hair cuticles, the tiny shingle-like layers of a hair strand. When smoothed down, coated in lemon juice, they reflect light like a mirror. Lemons are also a great scalp tonic to keep it feeling healthy and clean, and help perfume the hair with the scent of a summer breeze through a grove heaving with ripe lemons.

10.    Lemons have a natural lightening action, helping counteract brassiness in color, which blonds can pick up from chlorine in pools. Marilyn hair treatment also used lemons for tresses, with a light moisturizing effect and brightening enhancement of blonde hair.   While anyone can use Marilyn for a lemony boost of shine and softness, the name pays homage to platinum-coiffed Marilyn Monroe, who incidentally starred with the actor Jack Lemmon in the 1959 movie “Some Like It Hot.”

Lemons serve as physical reminders to keep on the sunny side of life! They’re cheerful in appearance and scent, and have the ability to pick us up when spirits are sagging.  Lemony products keep our skin, hair and nails in top shape too, which is why they are found in dozens of our products and will long be one of our main squeezes.