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Oct 10.19

10 Things You Might Not Know About Roses: Rose Jam has returned!

Posted In: LUSH Facts

Our beloved Rose Jam shower gel has returned for the season, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! This decadent, rosy shower gel made with real vanilla pod infusion, gogi berry juice and nourishing argan oil leaves skin soft, moisturized and smelling of a fresh rose garden. It’s a truly indulgent way to wash! To celebrate our unfaltering love of roses (including the luscious Rose Jam!), here are 10 things you may not know about this fantastic flower:

1. We all know that roses smell fantastic, but did you know that they taste delicious too? The gorgeous rose-lemon perfume of our ever-popular Rose Jam shower gel was inspired by a traditional recipe for rose jam, shared with us by our Turkish rose supplier!

2. Rose oil and rose absolute are among the most expensive ingredients that go into our LUSHious inventions! Rose oil costs about 5000 Euros per kilogram, and rose absolute is slightly more affordable at 1400 Euros per kilogram. Though incredibly costly, we believe that their gorgeous effects on the skin make it all worthwhile.

3. Wondering what the difference between rose oil and rose absolute is? It’s all in the distillation process. Rose oil is captured using steam distillation, where steam pulls the fragrance particles off the flowers, while rose absolute is made through solvent extraction, where alcohol ether is used to gently wash the petals, coaxing their perfume off of them.

4. When used on the skin, rose soothes inflammation and redness, making it a fantastic ingredient for dry or sensitive skin. Our super gentle facial cleanser Ultrabland contains 20% rose water to calm and condition the skin, and is perfect for a luxurious and relaxing facial massage.

5. Cleopatra loved the smell of roses so much that she drenched her ships’ sails in rose water. The scent of roses in the sea breeze would alert her lover of her impending arrival. Talk about a signature scent! We’d like to think that a modern Cleopatra would love our delicate, modern rose perfume Imogen Rose.

6. After the rose flower blooms and fades, what’s left is a remaining seedpod called a rosehip. This contains the rose seeds, and is often consumed in a tea that’s said to result in a more restful sleep. Sounds just rosy to us!

7. In Europe during the Middle Ages, one of the heights of luxury reserved solely for the nobility was bathing with rose petals and rose oil! As trade routes developed and more and more exotic ingredients became available, rose petals and rose oil remained coveted, luxurious items. For your own rose petal bath, try Rose Queen and instantly feel like royalty!

8. The rose family, Rosaceae, contains many varieties of fruit including apples, pears, peaches and almonds!

9. The World’s Largest Rose bush is found in Tombstone, Arizona. The Lady Banks’ Rose was planted in 1885 from a Scottish rose bush cutting and has since grown to an incredible 9,000 square feet!

10. Though not quite as exciting as a dinosaur fossil, rose fossils have been found across the United States, and carbon dating places them at between 32-35 million years old!

Roses are an undisputed icon across the world for beauty, love, regality, and also a tenacity of spirit. For all their delicacy, they have quite the spiky set of thorns, after all! Thousands of years of worship and adoration (and all those rose tattoos out there) have embedded the rose into our collective minds as a signal of everlasting beauty and indulgence… so go ahead and spoil yourself with some rosy treats!