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Jun 06.28

10 Things You Might Not Know About Seaweed

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10 things you might not know about seaweed

Ahoy Mateys!

We find inspiration for our products all around the world - from sights, sounds, celebrations, and food. But sometimes we don't need to go afar to be inspired. The birthplace of LUSH is Poole, a gorgeous coastal town on the south coast of England. It's easy to see how the seaside - and all of the sand, salt, and seaweed continues to influence our skin and hair care creations.

Here are 10 facts you might not know about seaweed for water babies and landlubbers alike:


1. While we have 17 products made with seaweed, there are more than 10,000 varieties of seaweed in the world. We use just a few of the recognized types.

2. Seaweed has been around for about 3 billion years and is found in virtually every area of the world's oceans. Most live in shallow waters but some types of seaweed can grow to hundreds of feet to reach near the water's surface, to absorb sunshine. Seaweed can eventually develop into entire colonies, which can grow for miles!

Seaweed in hair care

3. Seaweed is an incredibly versatile ingredient in foods, as well as being beneficial for hair. In Veganese, (our vegan conditioner), agar seaweed takes the place of lanolin to soften and add shine. Retread, our super nutritious and heaviest conditioner uses an agar infusion to hydrate frizzy, out of condition locks. If you're looking for body, softness and shine, look no further than shampoos and conditioners made with seaweed.

4. Seaweed is considered algae, not a plant. Although many varieties look like plants, they lack the vascular structure. However, like plants, seaweed depends on sunlight to create energy through photosynthesis.

Sea salt and seaweed shampoo

5. Toothed wrack seaweed is teeming with minerals and vitamins that are softening to the skin and hair, making it an indispensable ingredient in our kitchens. We use it in our best-selling Big Shampoo, BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask and Skin’s Shangri-La facial moisturizer among many other favorites. We get our Toothed wrack seaweed from Canadian Kelp Resources, a company based in Bamfield, British Columbia- a tiny town about 250km west of our Vancouver kitchen on Vancouver Island.

6. Seaweed and marine algae have more concentrated nutrition than vegetables grown on land. Seawater is mineral-rich and seaweed absorbs the mineral elements and vitamins. The mineral content of some seaweeds accounts for up to 80% of its dry matter. Some seaweeds contain all of the minerals that are on the planet!

Seaweed in Sea Spray hair mist

7. Our best-selling Sea Spray hair mist gives hair volume, hold, and shine thanks to the seawater and carrageenan seaweed we blend into each batch. Carrageenan is moisturizing but also acts as a gel to keep your style in place and give you that just back from the beach look.

Nori seaweed in Aqua Marina cleanser

8. That's how we roll; best known as the outer wrap of sushi rolls; nori seaweed has incredible benefits in skin care too. It's rich in omega-3s, Vitamin A and C, and magnesium, which improve the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. That's why we use it in our Aqua Marina cleansing roll to help tone, cleanse, and moisturize. If you don't want to be a dirty beach - you better clean up with one!

9. Not to be confused with psychology, phycology is the scientific study of algae. If you're beachcombing and want to know more about the seaweed you discover make sure you call your phycologist.

Big Blue Bath Bomb is made with seaweed for soft skin

10. While we love to create and invent new products, we can't take credit for seaweed baths. Seaweed baths can be traced back to Ancient Greece, after all it was Aphrodite who emerged from the sea. But if you're looking to emerge from the bath like a modern day Venus, pop in a Big Blue Bath Bomb. Filled with Arame seaweed, when the seaweed soaks in the warm water it releases its nutrients and becomes skin softening and soothing.

Next time you visit the seashore, take another look around you and appreciate all of the incredible benefits that the green, brown, and red algae give us (and the ocean!). When you consider all of the amazing things it can do, it's easy to see that life's a beach when it comes to seaweed!