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May 05.20

10 Things You Might Not Know About Strawberries

Posted In: LUSH Facts

Strawberries are versatile, flavor-packed, and rich in all kinds of healthy nutrients.

No wonder they wear their seeds inside-out, they just have that much to offer! Ranging in size, shape, and even color, and averaging 200 seeds per fruit, strawberry facts overflow.

The pick of the crop:

1. According to Guinness records, the heaviest strawberry ever recorded weighed 231g (814 oz!) and was grown in 1983 by G. Andersen of Folkstone, Kent, in the south of England.

2. RETRO calling: Long ago, LUSH carried a range called Ultra Fresh, offering masks, scrubs and treatments customers could buy minimally packaged, and use quickly at home. One product was called Strawberry Boat. It was like a semi-solid smoothie of strawberry, ginger root and scrubby rice and salt, wrapped in a banana leaf. It still has some long-time LUSH fans recalling with bliss.  

3. Gardening tip: remove the plants’ first flowers, which causes them to put more energy into developing their roots and leaves. This leads to overall strengthening, and the strawberries produced later are quite a bit larger.

4. Strawberries’ characteristic red color comes from flavonoids, which are also believed helpful in promoting healthy heart functions. Another way to set the heart aflutter is massage. Stawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar contains freshly juiced strawberries to lavish skin with vitamins and a delicate perfume.

5. Let me take you down: Strawberry Fields is a designated spot in New York’s Central Park, dedicated to the memory of late Beatle John Lennon. When next in the Big Apple, visit this designated quiet zone.

6. By any other name: The strawberry plant is a member of the rose family, and has many wild variations. Since at least Roman times, humans have enjoyed both wild and cultivated strawberries.

7. Typically during the fortnight of Wimbledon’s famous tournament, spectators (and players?) consume about 28,000kg of fresh English strawberries served with cream. The famous treat pre-dates the famous tournament however, and is believed to have Tudor roots dating back to the 1500s.

8. Strawberry Shortcake Parties became popular in US households in the 1850s as a way to celebrate the on-set of summer. Fast-forward a hundred years to another popular American mid-century treat, a strawberry milkshakes at the drive-in, captured in the scent of American Cream Hair Conditioner. Fresh juices from strawberries and oranges in the mix smooth hair’s cuticles, adding gloss and shine.  

9. One typical garden-variety strawberry plant will produce about a quart of fruit over the course of a season, and should produce for about 3 years. Sometimes thought to be perennials, blooming year after year, their fruit-baring years are actually quite limited.  

10. Strawberry leaves are also valued in herbal medicine, and can be prepared in teas or as a supplement for a variety of uses. It’s commonly associated with gastrointestinal issues. The leaves contain tannins, and trace minerals and vitamins, namely the vitamin C that that is also packed into the fruit.

May is a fantastic month to try something new with strawberries. Swap out tomatoes for strawberries in your next salsa batch, or mix up a fruity marinade with strawberry juice. The ways to enjoy them seem endless. Most importantly, they herald upcoming summer months like a promise all the sunniest season has in store is just around the corner.