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Jul 07.8

10 Things You Might Not Know About Parsley

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Parsley doesn’t get the credit that it deserves. It’s most commonly used as the finishing garnish on dinner where it’s often forgotten or swept off the side of our plate. However, we incorporated this green garnish into our Parsley Porridge Soap because of its many benefits and uses that often go unnoticed. The combination of this detoxifying herb along with exfoliating oatmeal and cleansing tea tree oil makes this the perfect soap to deep cleanse and leave you feeling squeaky clean.

In honor of our new herbal soap, we decided to let you in on parsley’s secrets and tell you 10 things you might not know about this green powerhouse!

1. The world’s most popular culinary herb

First mentioned in 42 AD, parsley can be found in grocery stores year-round and is cultivated worldwide. With a Greek name originating from the word for “rock celery”, this popular garnish belongs to the carrot family of plants.

2. More Vitamin C than an orange!

With 133 mg of Vitamin C per 3.5 ounces, parsley boasts 3 times more Vitamin C than an orange! Its vitamin-rich leaves make a great addition to fruit juice and smoothie recipes. Not only is vitamin C important for your overall heath, but it’s great for helping you get over that cold faster.

3. Put your breath mints away…

Parsley contains chlorophyll, which is believed to have anti-bacterial properties. As you chew on this leafy green, it deodorizes your mouth and rids it of bacteria that causes bad breath. Parsley is a great natural remedy, but it doesn’t exactly travel well in a pocket or a purse—try using our vegan, preservative-free Toothy Tabs to freshen up with on the go. All you need is a toothbrush!

4. Parsley tea was once used to regulate menstrual cycles

A simple parsley tea was once a common herbal remedy for regulating menstrual cycles and causing uterine contractions after childbirth. These effects are due to the presence of apiol in parsley, a constituent of the female estrogen hormone. Pregnant women should avoid drinking parsley tea for this reason.

5. Fresh from the freezer

The best way to keep your parsley fresh and green is by storing it in the freezer. Chop up the garnish and freeze it with water in an ice cube tray, melting the ice and releasing the parsley when needed. Your freezer can help you make the most of your herbs and ensure you can eat them all year long!

6. Parsley is a sacrificial herb

Parsley is prepared to lay itself on the line for the plants in your garden. Known as a sacrificial herb, parsley gives garden pests something to munch on instead of your other plants! A great addition to your garden for both pest control and picking purposes, this herb is biennial, meaning that once planted in your garden, it will typically grow for two seasons.

7. Get your Vitamin K here!

Along with a rich abundance of Vitamin C, parsley also contains loads of Vitamin K, which promotes elasticity and reduces redness on the skin. It’s no coincidence that we use whole fresh bunches of parsley in our new Parsley Porridge soap, along with scrubby oatmeal for bright, glowing skin all over.

8. Skin savior

When the leaves of herbs are added to moisturizers, they help to condition and hydrate the skin, making them ideal ingredients for our skincare products. Parsley is also known to reduce the appearance of dark spots and discoloration, stop irritation and create a healthy glow.

9. The healing touch

Parsley is a great natural home remedy for healing bruises and insect bites. It has both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, repairing and maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels as well as facilitating healing and pain relief.

10. Hair’s to parsley

Parsley essential oil has traditionally been used as a hair tonic to stimulate growth. Massaging this herb infusion into your scalp stimulates circulation, and prevents dryness. Get a few quick tips for a relaxing scalp massage from LUSH Trainer Erica here

There you have it: parsley is certainly more than a simple garnish on top of your lasagna: it’s a powerhouse of nutrition, lovely for your skin and a fantastic ingredient in our new Parsley Porridge soap. Grab a slice and see what parsley can do for you!