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Jan 01.1

10 Ways to freshen up your New Year

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New Year’s resolutions often involve eating healthy, getting fit and saving money. This year, why not plan to infuse more freshness into your life? Here at LUSH we pride ourselves on using fresh fruit, vegetables, infusions, and oils in all of our products, because we believe fresh is best when it comes to effectiveness! Freshness isn’t just for your skin and hair, though: we can certainly benefit from freshness in every part of our lives. Follow these tips to make 2014 your freshest year yet!

1. Sign up for fresh, local produce deliveries. Local produce deliveries straight to your door? What could be fresher?! Many companies now offer customizable “community supported agriculture” deliveries that benefit local famers, and provide you with fresh seasonal edibles. To learn more, and to find a provider in your area, check out

2. Freshen up your wardrobe! Go through your closet, and pull out items you don’t wear any more (be honest with yourself…you’re not going to wear those denim overalls again!!) Donate items that are in good condition to local charities, or organize a clothing swap with a group of friends.

3. Switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet, even if it’s for one day a week. It’s a chance to try new recipes and become more mindful of what you’re consuming. For inspiration, community support, recipes and tips, sign up for The Ghosts in Our Machine’s Ghost-Free Journey.

4. Make the switch to natural cleaning products. This year, make it a priority to phase out your toxic cleaning products, and switch to natural alternatives. You can even make fresh, natural cleaning products yourself! That way you’ll know exactly what’s inside and when it was made.

5. Try making your own bread. Did you know that most bread available at supermarkets contain preservatives? Baking your own bread at home is quick, healthy and best of all…delicious! Try this easy recipe.

6. Check your makeup and cosmetics collection. If you can’t remember when you purchased it, it’s probably time to replace it! Update your collection with our fresh handmade color: we tell you when it was made and provide a best-before date too!

7. Keep your mind fresh by learning something new. Sign up for a course at a local college, or learn something online for free. Khan Academy is a fantastic resource for online learning. 

8. Start an indoor herb garden. Although winter isn’t typically a gardening season in North America, indoor gardening is just fine! Pick up a lamp, some seeds, and soil from your local garden shop and get started! It’s a great project for the whole family, plus cooking with fresh herbs makes every meal more flavorful.

9. Get outside! Head outdoors for a nature walk, or if you’re in a cold climate, try snowshoeing. You’ll get the chance to reconnect with nature, and will get some exercise too—perfect for working off those big holiday dinners!

10. Try making your favorite snacks at home. Are you a sucker for chocolate-covered almonds? Are you a potato chip fiend? Try making your favorites at home so they’re good and fresh! Here’s an easy recipe for baked potato chips (you can thank me later…)


Best wishes for a fresh new year!


Love, LUSH