May 05.2

10 Ways to Celebrate Mum this Mother's Day


We’ve learned everything we know from our Mums and this Mother’s Day, we could do the ol’ box of chocolates and flowers, but we know we can do better! To prove it, we’ve compiled 10 of our very best ideas we think are just as special as Mum.

1. Treat Mum to an at-home spa
Light some candles, draw a fragrant Secret Garden or Rose Bubble Bar bath, grab Mum’s favorite book and (this is the most important thing) give her some uninterrupted privacy! An at-home spa is perfect for Mums who want to relax and unwind – even if she’s only got an hour to spare.

2. Give her the day off
It ain’t easy bein’ Mum, as most of our own Mothers love to tell us! Thank her for all she does by cleaning the house. We’ve got some green cleaning solutions that will help, too! A few simple ingredients and you’ll get those floors, counters and mirrors shining in no time, while Mum puts her feet up and enjoys some much-needed rest.Homemade Glass Cleamer and Wood Polish

3. Surprise adventure
Pick Mum up and surprise her with a quick trip. Across the border or across the city, discovering somewhere new will be full of unexpected excitement. Do your homework and check out places she might love. And don’t forget your camera!

4. Walk down memory lane
Put together a scrapbook just for Mum. We found one that we love from A Beautiful Mess with a step-by-step walk-through of how to create an awesome, personalized gift using recycled materials and your favorite photos.Scrapbook

5. Take a class
Find a fun class that you and Mum can do for the day. From yoga and zumba to pottery and cooking, there’s sure to be something for every Mum at a local shop, culinary school or college.

6. Give to other Mums 
Local shelters dedicated to mothers and children are always in need. You and Mum can give back to other Mothers with a donation of your time or gently-used items. Or, give Mum Charity Pot hand and body lotion and you’ll do a world of good for charities that help Mums like Amarok Society, Alice Housing, Generation Her and more.Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion

7. Long-distance date
Can’t be there? Plan a Skype dinner date with Mum to catch up on what’s new or watch her favorite movie. You don’t have to be in the same room to spend quality time together.

8. Get your bake on!
Sometimes the best gift you can give Mum is time. This Mother’s day make some memories and sweet treats with some of our LUSH-inspired edibles! They’re a delicious way to spend the afternoon with Mum chatting, laughing and baking up a storm.

Oatmeal Cookies

9. Wine and dine
Take Mum to a winery or brewery. Most local places open up their doors and offer tours, which often include a tasting of their best brews. Be sure to call ahead first!

10. Let Mum choose
It’s Mum’s special day, let her decide how she wants to spend it! Reserve the day and let her know you’re ready to do anything she wants to do – and if all she wants is to spend time with you, have a backup plan like brunch, a hike or a movie.

How will you give Mum thanks this Mother's day? We love a feel-good story, so share it in the comments below!

Tasha Dennis