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Jul 07.11

3 Steps to the perfect shave with D’Fluff

Posted In: How To

Here’s one for the boys… We know that shaving can sometimes feel like a chore, but trust us: it doesn’t need to be that way! Follow these 3 simple steps to turn your morning shave into a relaxing, rejuvenating ritual.

1. Exfoliate with Ocean Salt

Giving your face a gentle scrub before shaving helps to buff away dead skin, exposing stubble and allowing for a closer shave. Dampen your skin with warm water (the hotter the better, but don’t burn yourself!), then take a generous dollop of Ocean Salt facial scrub and massage it onto your face using small circular motions.

Ocean Salt is packed with a blend of fine and coarse sea salt to exfoliate, while rich avocado butter, coconut oil and seaweed absolute will keep your skin silky smooth and hydrated. Even better? Its genius mix of vodka and grapefruit brighten up your skin, leaving it looking fresh and lively—regardless of how late you stayed up last night!

Once you’ve given your face a thorough scrub, rinse with warm water and pat dry. Get ready to tackle the rough stuff (your stubble that is).

2. Shave with D’Fluff

Now that you’ve scrubbed up and are feeling fresh, scoop out a liberal helping of D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap and apply it over the entire area you’d like to shave.

Don’t be fooled by its pink, fluffy nature—this shaving soap means business! Its coconut oil and cocoa butter base soften and moisturize the skin, protecting it from razor burn and irritation. The pink color comes from whole crushed strawberries: these gently tone the skin and provide it was a healthy dose of vitamin C.

If you’ve got some time to spare, let D’Fluff sit on the skin for 3-5 minutes before starting your shave. This will allow the butters and oils to really sink into the skin, softening the hair and making your shave even more enjoyable.

Using a sharp razor, shave slowly with a steady hand, following the natural contours of your face, rinsing your razor frequently. Always shave with the grain to reduce irritation. When you’ve finished your shave, use warm water to wash away any excess shaving soap, massaging your skin as you go. Pat your face dry with a fresh towel.

3. Finish up with your favorite LUSH facial moisturizer

Let’s recap: you’re scrubbed, freshly-shaved and feeling fantastic. The last step in this shaving trifecta is to apply a facial moisturizer. Cosmetic Lad is an ideal option for post-shaving because of its soothing, protective ingredients. With a base of calming lavender honey water and a generous amount of cooling aloe vera gel, Cosmetic Lad will ease shaving irritation and leave skin perfectly moisturized all day long.


Voila, you’ve done it: you’ve mastered the art of the perfect shave. Now wink at yourself in the mirror and go share that beautiful, freshly-shorn face with the world. In love with the results? Although these are tips for the perfect facial shave, this method can be used anywhere on the body you’d like to be de-fluffed!

Do you have any favorite shaving rituals or tips? Share them with us in the comments below.