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Jun 06.3

5 steps to smooth summer legs

Posted In: Tips and Tricks

Meghan from our training team gives us the lowdown on how to keep your legs soft, smooth and ready for summer.

Ah, summertime. The season of BBQs, outdoor concerts, days at the beach and no pants! Shorts, dresses, bathing suits, skirts and skorts let you show off your legs when the temperature rises, and we’ve got a few tips that will make even Tina Turner envious of those pins.

Great summer legs

1. Exfoliate

When we talk about scrubs, we’re talking exfoliators, and ours have the finest polishing ingredients. Regular exfoliation is important, whether or not you choose to shave your legs, because it gently buffs away the layer of skin that’s ready to shed. And if you do shave, it’ll help remove dead skin cells that could build up around the hair follicle leading to ingrown hairs – ouch! For an invigorating polish, check out Sugar Scrub! Packed full of ginger and fennel, it’ll scrub away anything you don’t want and help you turn heads as you strut your stuff. Other favorite scrubs include our best-selling Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub, any one of our exfoliating Cleanser Rolls and beautiful Body Butters.

2. Shave

Or don’t! We believe that a bit of fuzz is just peachy, but if you do shave, make sure you’ve got a shaving cream like Ambrosia that’s packed with nourishing ingredients including oat milk, chamomile and honey that help soothe even the most sensitive skin after shaving. Most of our creams are also whipped to give them a luxurious feel, which helps soften hair and skin. Our entire range of shaving creams is suitable for scruffy guys, too, so go ahead and share them! For coarser hair, though, we suggest more buttery-based shave creams like Prince and Dirty.

Sympathy for the Skin in use

3. Moisturize

It’s always imperative to keep skin hydrated, which is easy to do by simply drinking lots of water and moisturizing every day. Our Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion is made with a refreshing base of coconut water and oil, and has fresh kiwi blended in, making it easily absorbed so there’s no leftover stickiness. Plus, you’ll smell deliciously like vanilla thanks to the beautiful addition of real vanilla absolute. If you prefer a solid, pack up one of our Massage Bars. The cocoa and shea butter base melts on contact with skin, and a single swipe down each leg will give you all the moisture you need.

4. Black Stockings

Wait – hear me out! We know no one wants to wear stockings in summer, but that’s why we created Black Stockings! This Solid Body Tint features a coppery pigment that will leave skin perfectly bronzed. Simply rub it on, rub it in and go! It’s perfect for making darker complexions look even, and for giving stark white legs a gorgeous, sun-kissed glow.

Black stockings in use

5. Dusting Powders

In the heat of summer, a dusting powder can help you keep your cool. Before air conditioning, women had to find ways to stay comfortable in spite of the sweltering summer heat. Meet Silky Underwear. This little bottle stops chafing with a single puff thanks to the finely grated cocoa butter tossed into the base of absorbent powders. Dust a bit around your thighs keep your skin feeling cool and ultra-smooth.

Hopefully these tips will help you make the most of the summer, because before you know it, we’ll be sharing our Five Easy Steps for Surviving Yet Another Winter.