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Mar 03.14

5 Ways to Use Your Purchasing Power to Support Peace

Posted In: Charity Pot

Help us give peace a chance! It’s amazing how simply buying some of your favorite products can give you the power to support peace in the world. At LUSH, we’re proud of our efforts to source some of our finest ingredients from communities that are working to create peaceful and sustainable living conditions.

Peace Community

One of our most inspiring suppliers is the Peace Community of San José de Apartado, Colombia. Caught in the crossfire between military, paramilitary and guerilla forces, these peace pioneers have declared themselves a non-violent community that refuses to carry weapons or choose sides. Maintaining a neutral stance has been a brutal challenge, but for the last 17 years they have been persevering and sustaining their way of life by growing cocoa beans for fair trade markets around the world. We buy and use their beans (in the form of cocoa butter) for our Peace Massage Bar, which helps the community keep the peace, as they work toward improving education, healthcare and agricultural practices for all of its inhabitants.

Want to help spread the peace? Check out a few other places where you can flex your purchasing power to help support peace in other communities, as well as your own.

1. Made by Survivors offers beautiful and unique jewelry handcrafted by survivors of human trafficking and human rights abuses. Made from recyclable and sustainable materials, each piece is a symbol of hope with all profits supporting rescue, after-care, education and employment in regions of India, Nepal, Cambodia and Thailand, where human trafficking still remains a huge problem.

The Sold Project

2. The SOLD Project lets you be a voice for peace without saying a word. Check out their wide collection of eco-friendly apparel like shirts and hats. There’s a huge selection of items created just for the SOLD Project and all proceeds help provide educational scholarships and resources to help at-risk children. All you have to do is shop to show your support.

3. Fair Trade International (FLO) is a great place to learn more about how you can find more products and manufacturers that support peace. FLO helps to raise awareness and support for global fair trade products and practices, and works to secure a better deal for farmers and workers across the globe.

4. The Big Life Foundation makes it easy to showcase your giving nature, as well as your great taste in art. By collaborating with local communities, Big Life works to create anti-poaching practices in East Africa while helping to create programs to improve education, employment, schools and more with many of the communities that are affected.

5. Charity Pot hand and body lotion is on a mission to change the world. With every purchase, we donate 100% of the sales to grassroots charities that work for environmental conservation, animal protection and human rights. It’s also made with delightful, skin-softening ingredients like Fair Trade cocoa butter and almond oil to help you feel good and soft from the inside-out.

We know these aren’t the only peace pioneers out there. What are some of your favorite fair trade companies, charities or initiatives that work for peace? Share them with us!