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Jun 06.15

5 great gift ideas for Dad

Posted In: Lush Life

Father’s Day is our opportunity to celebrate Dads, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, father figures and all the men (and sometimes women) who have inspired, supported and nurtured us over the years.

We've given this some serious thought and we COULD get Dad another wacky tie for his collection, but no. This year we’ve got a few ideas that'll make this Father’s Day worthy of bragging rights!

1. Get crafty

Two words: craft. beer. Ok, maybe craft beer sounds like something only hipsters do, but hear us out! Most local brewpubs offer tours and give you the chance to whet your whistle with some of their finest offerings. Call ahead before Father’s Day to be sure that you don’t need a reservation (or make one if you do). No local brewery nearby? No problem. Head to your local liquor store and choose a few new beers that Dad has never tried. Invite a few friends and set up a dinner and a tasting.

Craft beer flight

2. Game on!

Does Dad love sports? You may not want to drop a bundle on for a professional team’s game. No problem! Grab a pair of tickets for a local sporting event and we guarantee he’ll enjoy it just as much as any pro sports team. You’ll save a few bucks (ok, a lot) and you can use that extra cash to treat Dad to drinks, snacks or dinner before the game.

3. A little R&R

If your Dad is anything like our Dads, then hard work is usually what they’re known for! If that’s the case, give Dad some much-deserved rest and relaxation. For a truly relaxing Father’s Day, settle in together and watch one of Dad’s favorite movies. Whether it’s a brand new sci-fi thriller on Netflix or a kung-fu VHS from the ‘80s, let Dad choose… and try not to roll your eyes!

Movies for Dad

4. Go the distance

Can’t enjoy Father’s Day in person? Don’t worry—thanks to the wonders of technology you can still spend some quality time together. Set up a Skype date or video call and chat over coffee or dinner. Who knows? Maybe it’ll turn into a regular tradition!

5. Treat yo’ Dad

Even Dads love to look and feel good and we’ve got plenty of options for the big day. Treat Dad to one of our lavish shaving creams like Prince and a gentle facial moisturizer like Cosmetic Lad. If your Dad is of the bearded variety, Kalamazoo Beard Wash and Veerrappan Moustache Wax are two products he shouldn’t be without to keep those whiskers clean and styled to perfection!

Dad shaving with Prince the shaving cream not the artist

Make it a full day, at-home spa and give the Dad-who-loves-baths a bath bomb, bubble bar or bath melt. We've even got an entire selection of stuff for the guys we think they might love! When he’s done, he’ll emerge from the bathroom looking good, smelling good and feeling like a million bucks!

Do you have any Father’s Day traditions? Let us know how you’ll be celebrating.