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Mar 03.20

6 Ways to Welcome Spring

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Tips and Tricks

Warmer weather? Daffodils blooming? Fresh scents? Oh yes, spring has arrived and we’re stoked! 

As everything blooms all around us, it’s time for a little spring cleaning to shake out the cobwebs and shed those stale winter blues with fresh aromas and outdoor fun. To help you welcome the season, we’ve got a few LUSH-style tips for your body, mind and home.

spring garden

1. Clear out your closets

You might not be ready for a full-on spring clean, but starting off small can make a big difference. Go through closets and clear out winter clothes, old clothes and other things that seem to have made their way to the back. Donating items you no longer need and putting away winter duds can help you unclutter spaces and make way for spring.

2. Help your garden bloom

Whether your thumbs are green or black, refreshing your garden is a great way to help spring bloom bigger and brighter. Remove old growth and debris and you’ll give seasonal flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs and anything else you decide to grow a chance to really thrive. And to keep your most important gardening tools (your hands, of course) soft, protected and ready for another day, Helping Hands is perfect.

3. Go outside and play

Soaking up the sun is a great way to wake your body out of its winter slumber. Plan a hike, ride your bike, play with the kids, or take a walk around the neighborhood; whatever you choose, you’ll not only increase your fitness levels, but getting a healthy dose of fresh spring air and vitamin D will feel great.


4. Eat outside

Any time we can spend outside is a win, but sitting outside and eating? Well, that takes the cake. Celebrate the warmer weather by firing up the ol’ barbecue for the first backyard party of the season. No barbecue? No problem. Grab your fave eats and sit in the warm, spring sunshine at a beach, park or on a patio.

5. Fill your home with spring aromas

Open up the windows on warm days and add fresh-cut flowers or potted plants to every room to bring beautiful outdoor scents inside. On rainy days, you and a friend can release the sweet fragrance of strawberries, hibiscus and coconut with the Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar. As its intoxicating scent and gorgeous touch melt into the heat of your body, it’ll chase away those cold, winter blues.

6. Spring clean your body and mind

After a long winter season, you can kick-start your well-being by taking a yoga class, joining a club, or simply making a date with a loved one (or go solo) for a romantic soak in the tub with our seductive Sex Bomb. After all, spring is for lovers, right?

Helping Hands, Strawberry Feels Forever, Sex Bomb

These are just some of our favorite ways to get in the swing of spring. What are some of yours? How do you celebrate spring?