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Sep 09.19

Ask an Expert: Skincare FAQs

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We asked Jeff Brown, our beloved North American product and brand trainer, to tackle some of your frequently asked questions about skincare! He’s used his 7.5 years’ LUSH experience to dish fantastic skincare philosophy, advice, and product recommendations.


Which LUSH skincare products are best for treating acne?

Approach acne with simplicity and the least amount of interference possible. This allows the skin to function and repair itself naturally. I see many people attacking their skin instead of caring for it. Many LUSH customers have found success with Herbalism facial cleanser,  Vanishing Cream moisturizer, Dream Steam steamer tab, and Tea Tree Water toner as they contain gentle and natural antibacterials. I also like to recommend Ultrabland facial cleanser. It’s packed with soothing ingredients and cleansing oils that clean the skin gently, helping it to retain the natural protection it needs.rose and lavender facial moisturizer

What do you recommend for makeup removal?

Ultrabland and 9 to 5 facial cleansers are experts at removing makeup. Gentle and oil-based, they melt away makeup easily while conditioning the skin. Simply massage into the skin and wipe away with a warm cloth or cotton pads. I’ve known a number of makeup artists who faithfully keep a pot of Ultrabland in their kits and I’m told a little 9 to 5 on a cotton swab makes a perfect eraser for any little application mistakes!

makeup removal

Do you make skincare products with Vitamin C?

Yes! We love the benefits of vitamins and minerals on the skin so we use a lot of them in the form of whole fresh fruits and vegetables, rather than just extracts. We’d like you to reap all the benefits these fresh ingredients have to offer. Almost all fruits and veggies are high in vitamin C, so look for fresh whole ingredients and juices like strawberries, oranges, lemons, grapefruits, or asparagus (to name a few) on our labels and you’re sure to find a healthy dose of Vitamin C… plus a whole lot more!

My skin gets oily halfway through the day. What do you recommend?

Try incorporating some lavender into your routine. This herb helps to balance the skin and regulate sebum production. Also consider how often you’re washing and moisturizing your skin, as it will often defend itself against over-cleansing by producing more protective oils than you need. Eau Roma Water toner water is made with balancing lavender water and would be a great way to refresh the skin later in the day without having to wash your face again.

toner for sensitive skin

I have very sensitive skin that’s prone to redness.

Which LUSH skincare products can I safely use? I look to soothing ingredients like rose, vanilla, calamine, and chamomile to calm easily-agitated skin. Skin Drink facial moisturizer for example, is formulated with plenty of rose to quiet redness in the skin and address any irritation. Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask uses calamine to subdue irritation and inflammation, and Celestial facial moisturizer contains a gentle vanilla and almond milk emulsion to soothe all skins. There are many options, but know that “safe” and “gentle” apply to all of our skincare.

blueberry and calamine face mask

Do you sell skin care sets for specific skin types?

We don’t sell skincare in sets because we don’t believe skincare is that simple. You’re a person, not a skin type and nobody fits perfectly into the boxes of oily, dry or combination. We would much rather respect your individuality and encourage you to use products that feel and function the way you want and create an effective combination that is right for you. Making those choices may not be easy for everyone, so that’s why our knowledgeable staff are here to help.

If you don’t see your question answered here, don’t be shy! Visit your local shop or call our customer care line at 1-888-733-5874 for a personalized skincare consultation. 

Jeff Brown LUSH trainer



You may recognize Jeff from our “Quick Tips” video series on Youtube. He's a North American product and brand trainer with 7.5 years’ LUSH experience! He enjoys indulging in cheap wine, watching bad horror films and hanging out with his Sphynx cat, The Bean.

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