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May 05.8

5 Tubs To Soak Your Imagination In

Posted In: LUSH Life

Where would your imagination take a bath?  What LUSH products would it use? 

When we let ours wander, they naturally head on-line, especially to the great virtual playground Pinterest. Did you know LUSH is on there? Our board for Dream Bathrooms is where our favorite fantasy settings abound. Countless gorgeous bathrooms exist out there - here are five that make our water run hotter:

             photo credit:

LUSH baths are anything but boring, and most of them are brightly colored extravaganzas. Some are filled with flower petals, and Big Blue contains arame seaweed. Oh, the fun we’d have enjoying the colors both in and outside this tub! We'd love to see a glass tub like this next to a giant aquarium to indulge our inner mermaids just a little bit more.  


Actress Keri Russell’s Brooklyn home caught our attention, with a luxurious curtained alcove for her bathtub.  We love how the design of this boudoir seems both private and open at the same time.

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If you have LUSH pegged as tree-huggers, you’re right.  This bathtub, in the Tongabezi Tree House in Zambia, gives us pause. We like to imagine the twilight sounds that would accompany a view this amazing, and would likely choose Twilight Bath Bomb for a bath setting this lovely. 


                        photo credit:

It seems a bit daunting to go about getting into this one, but we love the open air idea of bathing way up in the trees, too. And considering the effort these friends in New Zealand went to in building this structure, we say that brew and soak was well-earned. (Just be extra careful getting down, mate!)  

              photo credit:

Of course, bathing on the ground level is never boring in a garden setting as picturesque as this Northern California backyard. We love the mix of sublime greenery and the purple towels and rubber duckies. All we’d add is a glass of fresh lemonade and some fun tunes for our own private garden party.

It’s no surprise that we're always peeping into bathrooms--on Pinterest, of course! Bath tubs these days are far from ordinary; some even come in boats you can enjoy with your friends. There's no end in sight to the depths of our imaginations, or where they will take themselves for rejuvenation, and thanks to our Dream Bathrooms board, we can let them wander for hours.