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Jun 06.28

Get Beachy Clean With The Beach Box

Posted In: LUSH Life

Have you met our new Beach Box? It’s as exciting as a kiss under the boardwalk!


OK, while nothing quite tops a seaside sunset smooch, or the exhilaration of catching waves, this is a great reminder of those feelings, without the sand in your swimsuit. Teeming with ingredients harvested fresh from the sea, like mineral-rich sea salt and seaweeds, your in-bathroom beach stay-cation is on.  To really channel your vacation state of mind, use big, soft beach towels after your bath or shower, and cue up some Calypso music.

So what’s inside this sandcastle? 5 essentials for summer lovin’ skin and hair!

Ocean Salt face and body scrub sets skin aglow with a mix of salt grains. These blast away layers of skin, like waves crashing across shore. Your skin is awakened with vodka-infused citrus juices; this is a cocktail that’s actually good for your skin!  An added dash of seaweed absolute, an essential oil extracted from - you guessed it, seaweed! The pure absolute is a valuable boost of minerals and vitamins for freshly emerging skin. 

For all-over sudsy lather, hang ten with Sea Vegetable soap for your body. It’s like washing in a cresting wave, carrying a salty, kelp-laced froth to renew and drench skin in minerals. Lime and lavender essential oils dance in the surf too, and leave a gentle perfume across the skin so you won’t smell like an old buoy! Imagine if Venus changed her half-shell into an outdoor shower... this is what the scent-sation would be.

Hair gets added lift-off from the salt texturizing Seanik shampoo bar, a life-preserver for beachy hair. It also offers a nice dose of minerals for sun-drenched scalps! Nori bits mingle with a rich marine emulsion of Irish Moss seaweed. Doubling up on seaweed means added conditioning in the lather, root to tip.

For even more of a boost, or just mermaid-hair in look, feel and scent (another potent Siren’s call), spritz your locks with Sea Spray, which does double duty as a perfume as well as styling hair mist. Sea Spray offers hold, mixed into a lovely seawater and seaweed emulsion - so it’s a hair spray that offers a TON of minerals to your style, too. 

And while prevention is always the best cure for sunburns, (really, all sorts of summer skin and hair needs), it never hurts to have Dream Cream around!  Relief comes in basking skin in our time-tested mix of essential oils (lavender, rose, chamomile, tea tree) mixed into inflammation-calming oatmilk.  Oatmilk is one of the most calming and basic of skin ingredients for times like these, and each pot contains a whopping helping of this cozy porridge for suffering skin.

No matter where you live, or what seashore (even imaginary) you enjoy, a LUSH Beach Box is the perfect summer fling to enjoy now. When you’re done, it stashes other summer essentials or memories of your sand-swept escapades. We’re sure there are many crafty uses you’ll come up with!  

Get it while it’s here - before the wave of Summer 2013 carries your chance out to sea!