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Aug 08.29

3 ways to gorgeous braids

Posted In: How To

Sported in beautiful manes for hundreds of years, the braid (or plait) gets hair up and away with minimal effort – and the results are gorgeous! We’ve enlisted the braiding expertise of three LUSH ladies known for their lovely locks. Here are their top tips for achieving three different looks.

Ali – The Braided Chignon

LUSHie Ali hairstyle

Ali’s secret weapon for keeping her look fresh combines not one, but three braids in a sassy low bun with loads of texture. This look makes her feel pretty and put together, and ready to tackle anything the day might throw her way!

Ali starts with hair that hasn’t been washed with water in a few days. She then adds some No Drought dry shampoo to the roots, brushing it through the length of her hair. A few mists of Sea Spray hair mist to start building body, and she’s ready to start braiding.

Braided hair

She sections off the sides of her hair, and creates two smaller braids to create a textured look over each ear. These braids are then pulled back and gathered with the remaining hair into a low ponytail.

Then, she goes topsy-turvy style and turns the pony inside out. For the big finish, the entire ponytail is braided and tucked back against the scalp for a low and textured chignon effect. To keep the look smooth, she touches up any fuzzy strands with a tiny bit of R&B hair moisturizer.

Braided hair

Ali says this sophisticated and fun style is a great way to go from day to night. Try this look for lovely way to add flair and control to your hair on non-wash days.

Angela – The Wraparound French Braid

Angela French braid

Angela knows that her hair benefits from being washed with water only every 3rd or 4th day, and opts to keep her hair contained with a sideswept French braid. She prefers to braid her hair while wet and then sleep on it overnight for a look that is extra tousled.

Angela starts with using No Drought dry shampoo at the roots to keep shine away and build volume, then sweeps all her hair to one side. She avoids brushing the hair too much, to take advantage of the natural volume in her hair.

french braid hair

Beginning on one side, she creates the braid along the nape of her neck, ending up on the opposite side. She continues the braid down the full length of her hair, leaving it to drape over one shoulder.

Adding some Shine So Bright split end treatment at the tips to finish the look means her style is fresh, conditioned, and under control, all day long.

braids in french

Marie-Helene – Simply Polished Side Braid

Side braid hairstyle

Marie-Helene’s shoulder-length hair is the perfect candidate for a quick and easy braided side ‘do. She found the side braid to be the perfect relief to having hair down and on her neck during warmer weather, especially while trying to grow it longer. Now that fall is just around the corner, she will continue to rock the look, loving its sleek simplicity.

how to side braid

After washing, Marie-Helene massages R&B hair moisturizer into her hair, paying extra attention to the tips. Pulling all her hair to one side, she braids it straight down in a simple, tight weave.

braid on the side

The result is a sleek look that makes Marie feel polished and tidy. This style also leaves her with conditioned, wavy hair the next day for a completely new look on day two.

There are about as many ways to braid hair as there are hair types. Use these ladies as inspiration to create your own no fuss, no muss look with braids!