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Apr 04.4

Show Us Your LUSH Stash!

Q: Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: Sure! I work in the PR group at LUSH, I'm obsessed with magazines, beauty blogs and the beauty industry itself, so I think it's a pretty perfect place for me! I'm a serious product junkie; I love keeping my friends and family updated on the latest and greatest beauty must-haves. Aside from beauty, I love to travel, am currently planning my next European getaway, love animals and being outdoors! I'm a huge proponent of a healthy lifestyle, love trying new workout classes and as a vegetarian coming up with tasty new recipes is always a fun challenge. Oh, and picking out a new wine to go along with dinner is also always a necessity!

Q: Now that we know who you are, let’s get down to business! What’s in your medicine cabinet?

A: My medicine cabinet at home is pretty big for NYC standards which is perfect since I tend to keep it filled to the brim with products I’m currently using, ones that are next on my list to try, and of course some fun products that I show love whenever I have time! I’m skincare-obsessed, always trying to find the perfect hair product and definitely more of a shower girl, so you’ll see that in my medicine cabinet selections, which includes:

9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion: My go-to cleanser when I’m feeling a bit lazy or tired, it requires very little effort, is super gentle and removes all of my makeup! The orchid smell is also amazing.

Tea Tree and Breath of Fresh Air Toners: I alternate depending on how my skin feels…usually after the gym or when it’s warm I use Tea Tree Toner for a deep clean. Then on days when I need a bit more TLC I use Breath of Fresh Air that has seaweed and aloe vera to calm and soothe my skin.

Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream: OK, a bit personal but it’s one of favs that many don’t think about trying, but let me tell you, it’s marvelous! This cream has a wonderful floral smell and helps to tighten up and hydrate the décolletage; it’s one of the first areas where you show your age!

No Drought Dry Shampoo: My go-to for second day hair, I put a bit of this in my hands and fluff at the roots for instant volume and a clean, refreshed look!

Bubblegum Lip Scrub: Necessary for keeping my lips soft, and also for satisfying my sweet tooth at the end of the day! The bubblegum flavor brings me back to childhood, what’s not to love!?

Q: What does your daily beauty routine entail?

A: Well, let it be known that my friends actually make fun of me for having quite the routine…I’m not the quickest person to get ready, in the AM or PM, but that’s probably just because I love using products so much, I like to take my time. In a nutshell, I wash my face twice a day, exfoliate a few times a week, always wear SPF on my face, body lotion, perfume or a dusting powder and then I usually mix in some serums, eye creams, treatments and of course my makeup for the day.

Q: Does your beauty routine vary from season to season?

A: Yes, definitely! I switch to heavier moisturizers, less harsh scrubs and look for calming ingredients (aloe, oats) in the winter, and then in the summer I look for citrus products that help control oil, scrubs to get bikini-ready and seaspray for natural waves.

Q: Do you have a star product that you wouldn’t be the same without?

A: Ocean Salt! It gives the most thorough, deep-clean, to my face and body! After a workout, long day at the beach or anything in between, I can count on it to leave my skin clear, bright and refreshed!

Q: Do you have any secret beauty tips or tricks?

A: I’m a huge proponent of bronzers, highlighters, sunless tanners and the like to achieve that healthy glow all year. I think as long as you do it right it makes you look younger and even more sculpted.

Q: Do you have a beauty/grooming confession you would be willing to share?

A: Well, I do look in my magnifying mirror way too often; it can be dangerous so I should probably stop. There’s no need to get that up-close and personal with your skin, eyebrows, etc.