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Mandy Kirschner

Mandy works in the Press Office in New York and handles US online media relations. Before joining LUSH, she did a lot of other stuff in the beauty industry, like writing, editing and even a marketing gig. When she’s not working with bloggers to convince them of the awesomeness of LUSH, you’ll find her with her husband and their dog, Waldo, who happens to be the snuggly-est dog in the world. She’s also a sports fanatic and proud supporter of University of Kansas basketball. (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!)

Mar 03.27

Show Us Your LUSH Stash

Q: Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: Hey there! I'm the newest member of the LUSH PR team and am falling more in love with the brand everyday. I started out in the beauty world as a magazine editor feel so lucky to now be a part of one of the most honest, ethical beauty brands out there.

Q: Now that we know who you are, let's get down to business! What's in your LUSH stash?

A: I'm quite a fragrance addict and love displaying my beautiful bottles on bright trays and keep them on a shelf in my living room. (I live in New York; I have to improvise with my storage options!) I've always loved LUSH for their beautifully scented products, and have a growing collection of proper LUSH fragrances.

• One of my old favorites is Orange Blossom perfume, a really potent, sweet floral fragrance. It reminds me so much of summer, sand and happiness. I mainly wear this in the summer, but spritz it on in the winter when I'm sick of the snow and the cold.

Sikkim Girls is one of LUSH's new fragrances, and is probably my favorite from the collection. (Although I can be easily swayed on any given day.) I actually keep a few bottles in different sizes because I like to take it with me when traveling or even just in my purse.

• I'm really into floral perfumes and Furze is flowery, but just slightly off-kilter, which I like. Furze is actually a flower that grows in England and has a faint coconut scent, which you can smell in the perfume.

• Oh my gosh, Sun is the perfect winter scent! Our founder, Mark Constantine created it when he was seeking warmth after the winter. It's truly an antidote to gray skies and low temps.

Happy Happy Joy Joy isn't actually a fine fragrance,” it's a hair conditioner! I use this on the weekend when I'm not going to go all out with a perfume, but still want to smell pretty. This has a beautiful rose, grapefruit and orange flower scent that you can ever-so-faintly smell in your hair.

Q: Why are you using these products in particular? What do you like about them?

A: I've bought enough designer or celebrity fragrances to know that when you wear them, you smell like every other girl on the street. I don't want my fragrance to blend in. I like the uniqueness and individuality that LUSH brings to their perfumes.

Q: What does your daily beauty routine entail? 

A: I'm a huge skin care girl. I'm addicted to our 9 To 5 cleanser to remove all the gunk at the end of the day and Celestial facial moisturizer to keep my skin happy. In the morning I simply splash water, spritz on a little toner and use an SPF 46 sunscreen. (It's a must!) And eye cream morning and night;my eyes kinda hurt if I don't use it.

Q: Does your beauty routine vary from season to season?

A: Absolutely! I switch to Imperialis when the weather starts to turn for the better. I also use Lemony Flutter like mad when the it's cold;my hands get destroyed in the frigid Northeast winds.

Q: Do you have a star product that you couldn't live without?

A: Honestly, no. I'm such a beauty fiend that I'm constantly switching up my routine. There are very few things that I've repeatedly bought! I'm a sucker for new stuff.

Q: Do you have any secret beauty tips or tricks?

A: Clear mascara to keep brows in place. Okay, I know this isn't earth-shattering, but I've really started paying more attention to my brows and it really gives me a more wide-eyed, finished appearance. And it's not obvious that you've really changed anything;it's like an undercover makeover.

Q: Anything we'd be surprised to learn about your beauty routine?

A: I still haven't really figured out my hair, and it's not like I even have difficult hair! I try to wear it down, but most days I just pull it up in a topknot.

Q: What is your desert island product that you can't live without?

A: I might literally die if I had to go without lip balm.