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Susan Rotante

Susan came to LUSH with a plethora of agency experience, starting in a marketing/PR agency in North Carolina (where she’s from—hey y’all) specializing in consumer/textile. Then, she shook things up a bit by moving to NYC to follow her dreams. Susan dove into the health/beauty PR realm, which after a few years lead her to the LUSH Press Office in NYC in October 2011. Susan now handles US PR specializing in newspapers and broadcast, coordinating stories with reporters and networking away! She’s brought her southern charm and hospitality to the NY crew, and is a lover of the beauty industry, adores the great outdoors, and has a passion for travel.

Mar 03.1

Show Us Your LUSH Stash!

Q: Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: I’m a Carolina girl living in NYC, lover of the fashion/beauty industry & a total product addict. I adore the great outdoors, and have a passion for travel and new adventures, as well as socializing and I’m a HUGE family person—being Italian may have a little bit to do with that.

Q: Now that we know who you are, let’s get down to business! What’s that on your desk? 

A: I wouldn’t be able to get through a work day without my LUSH desk arsenal! Especially during the winter months, I am constantly moisturizing my hands, a ridiculous amount! Tiny Hands & Handy Gurugu are my absolute favorites to keep my hands from looking ashy and feeling dry. I get VERY dry in the winter. Also, my go-to toner water, Eau Roma Water is a must-have mid-day refresher! Not to mention Honey Trap, a classic lip balm, perfect for everyone. But it doesn’t stop there…being in beauty PR we have lots of events, networking opportunities and meetings with editors. That being said, I am often in need of products to spruce up before a work happy hour, meeting, or just a night out with friends.

These are my 5pm prep essentials:

  • R & B Hair Treatment – makes my hair less frizzy and smooth’s out the flyaways and curls.  
  • Eyes Right Mascara – makes my eyes look alive and doesn’t irritate if I’m re-applying.
  • Passionate Liquid Lipstick – this long-lasting lipstick is one and done! One application and you’re good for the night!
  • Bubblegum Lip Scrub – I use this before applying lipstick, it gets rid of cracked/dry lips so my lipstick goes on perfectly!  
  • Vanillary Solid Perfume – perfect size and easy to keep at my desk or in my purse.

Q: Are there products you’re using because it’s winter? Does your beauty routine vary from season to season?

A: Yes, of course! During the summer, I don’t use the lip scrubs and lotions as much, but I use the toners and R & B much more to combat the heat and frizz. Also, in the winter I use heavier face lotions (i.e. Celestial) and in the summer I use lighter ones (i.e. Vanishing Cream). I don’t like to get oily during the day, so I’m extremely particular about my face moisturizer re: season and switch often.

Q: Do you have a star product—something that your skin or hair wouldn’t be the same without?

A: During the winter, I wouldn’t make it very long without the lip scrubs. I use them all the time and since I wear a lot of lipstick, it helps with application—much smoother!

Q: Do you have any secret beauty tips or tricks?

A: Cleanse and exfoliate your skin in the bath/shower BEFORE shaving your legs/underarms, it gives such a closer shave! It’s insane what a difference it makes, give it a try!

Q: Anything we’d be surprised to learn about your beauty routine?

A: I ONLY use natural deodorants as the aluminum in antiperspirants scares me for health reasons.