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Mar 03.1

Show Us Your LUSH Stash!

Q: Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: I’m a Carolina girl living in NYC, lover of the fashion/beauty industry & a total product addict. I adore the great outdoors, and have a passion for travel and new adventures, as well as socializing and I’m a HUGE family person—being Italian may have a little bit to do with that.

Q: Now that we know who you are, let’s get down to business! What’s that on your desk? 

A: I wouldn’t be able to get through a work day without my LUSH desk arsenal! Especially during the winter months, I am constantly moisturizing my hands, a ridiculous amount! Tiny Hands & Handy Gurugu are my absolute favorites to keep my hands from looking ashy and feeling dry. I get VERY dry in the winter. Also, my go-to toner water, Eau Roma Water is a must-have mid-day refresher! Not to mention Honey Trap, a classic lip balm, perfect for everyone. But it doesn’t stop there…being in beauty PR we have lots of events, networking opportunities and meetings with editors. That being said, I am often in need of products to spruce up before a work happy hour, meeting, or just a night out with friends.

These are my 5pm prep essentials:

  • R & B Hair Treatment – makes my hair less frizzy and smooth’s out the flyaways and curls.  
  • Eyes Right Mascara – makes my eyes look alive and doesn’t irritate if I’m re-applying.
  • Passionate Liquid Lipstick – this long-lasting lipstick is one and done! One application and you’re good for the night!
  • Bubblegum Lip Scrub – I use this before applying lipstick, it gets rid of cracked/dry lips so my lipstick goes on perfectly!  
  • Vanillary Solid Perfume – perfect size and easy to keep at my desk or in my purse.

Q: Are there products you’re using because it’s winter? Does your beauty routine vary from season to season?

A: Yes, of course! During the summer, I don’t use the lip scrubs and lotions as much, but I use the toners and R & B much more to combat the heat and frizz. Also, in the winter I use heavier face lotions (i.e. Celestial) and in the summer I use lighter ones (i.e. Vanishing Cream). I don’t like to get oily during the day, so I’m extremely particular about my face moisturizer re: season and switch often.

Q: Do you have a star product—something that your skin or hair wouldn’t be the same without?

A: During the winter, I wouldn’t make it very long without the lip scrubs. I use them all the time and since I wear a lot of lipstick, it helps with application—much smoother!

Q: Do you have any secret beauty tips or tricks?

A: Cleanse and exfoliate your skin in the bath/shower BEFORE shaving your legs/underarms, it gives such a closer shave! It’s insane what a difference it makes, give it a try!

Q: Anything we’d be surprised to learn about your beauty routine?

A: I ONLY use natural deodorants as the aluminum in antiperspirants scares me for health reasons.