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Feb 02.25

Behind the Bottle

Posted In: Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered about the faces and places you might be sharing your shower with? Go behind the bottle and discover the who, what and where of four of our most popular shower products!

Grass shower gel, sourced by: Lee

Lee is a member of our intrepid Buying Team. He purchases wheat grass from Giddy Up and Grow, our supplier in Mission, BC, to make Grass shower gel!

Featured Ingredient: Fresh Wheatgrass Juice
We juice the fresh wheat grass ourselves before adding the vitamin-packed ingredient to our shower gels, face masks, and moisturizers.

Turkish Delight shower smoothie, made by: Madu

This batch of Turkish Delight was handmade fresh by Madu in the Dairy Pots room of our Vancouver factory. Isn't he handsome?

Featured Ingredient: Rose Absolute
Incredibly effective for softening and soothing the skin, we source our rose absolute from a village in Turkey.

Ro's Argan body conditioner, invented by: Rowena Bird

Rowena, our very own cosmetics genius, was the mastermind behind our best-selling invention. It was only right that we name the product after her!

Green Feature: Recycled Black Pots
Ro's Argan, like our body lotions, moisturizers, and face masks, is packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled black pot.

The Olive Branch shower gel, invented by: Mark Constantine

While inventing The Olive Branch, Mark was listening to Madeline Peyroux sing the lines, "Dance me through the panic, ‘till I’m safely gathered in, lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove."  

Featured Ingredient: Fair Trade Olive Oil
We source our Fair Trade olive oil to Israel, where we've partnered with a women's non-profit called Sindyanna.