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Oct 10.17

The Miraculous Body Butter

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If you’ve never tried our Body Butters you may be wondering just how to use them.

These buttery blocks have often been mistaken for soap – but they’re not for washing with! They are for exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. Here’s the basics: You use them in the shower, they are packaging and preservative-free and made with beautiful ingredients. Some are full of naturally exfoliating ingredients so you can choose just how scrubby you like it, or you can go with King of Skin if you just want a moisturizing bar. Read on to find out more about what makes our Body Butters so different from the rest!


The first thing you’ll notice about our Body Butters is that they are naked. When we can, we ditch the preservatives typically found in liquid products and also ditch the packaging. Body creams are no exception; we invented a preservative and packaging-free range of solid Body Butters using natural butters, oils, nuts and fresh fruit. Solid also means spill-proof which makes these a great substitute for body lotions when travelling. Bring in a container to take your Body Butter home or pick up an aluminum travel tin.

Fresh Ingredients

If you pick up a bar, you’ll notice right away that it’s made with melty butters. Once you start using it you’ll see the naturally exfoliating and brightening ingredients like ground almond shells, ground rice and even charcoal. King of Skin uses freshly mashed bananas and avocados to rehydrate and soften the skin. Oatmeal infusion soothes sensitivities, making this bar lovely on freshly shaved legs. Take a peak at the ingredients listing on the bar you like; you’ll find it’s full of beautiful, fresh ingredients that truly benefit the skin.

Easy, in-shower use

One of the best features of our range of Body Butters is that you use them in the shower – once you're clean, massage in your Body Butter, letting the beautiful butters and oils melt into the skin to hydrate. Buffy has natural exfoliating ingredients, so your skin will reap the benefits of a scrubbing away dull skin and exfoliating ingrown hairs while you moisturize. Two-in-one! Give a light rinse then step out and pat skin dry with a towel - done! No more messing about with liquid lotions after getting out of the shower.