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Aug 08.27

Bold and beautiful lips: our Emotional Brilliance favorites

Our Emotional Brilliance range of color cosmetics is more than just makeup.

These expertly-blended lip colors go beyond simply reflecting the season’s trends, and into the realm of positively influencing your mood. We asked a few friends at LUSH HQ about their favorite Emotional Brilliance lip color, and how it makes them feel. Let’s take a look at their answers!

Monique, graphic designer at LUSH HQ loves to wear Strong. She says, “this is my favorite color from the EB line. I don’t need a special occasion to wear this bold red—I throw it on to set the mood and I know today won’t be boring! It makes me feel like a saucy minx. Sexy, strong and funny with a bit of class.”

Laura from our social media team tells us, “I wear Passionate when I want to make a statement. It makes me feel confident, put-together and…passionate! It definitely lives up to its name – I feel like I have more to say, and everyone should listen.” 

Anton, a member of our internal communications team says, “I wear Confident when I’m going out for drinks or to an arts or cultural event. It makes me feel a little gothy and edgy… Actually, it makes me feel like Lorde.”

Marie-Helene, a web designer at LUSH HQ loves wearing Decisive. She tells us “I wear Decisive when I’m feeling a little blue and could use a kick. Sometimes I wear it just to do my grocery shopping! It makes me feel empowered, pretty and elegant at the same time…with a ballsy je-ne-sais-quoi too!”

Maram from our social media team says, “I wear Glamorous when I’m looking for a mood boost. It makes me feel just that—glamorous. It’s bold enough to lift up my mood and easy enough to wear throughout the day!”

Emotional Brilliance liquid lipsticks have a softening base of jojoba oil and rose wax, and carry pigments flawlessly onto the skin. Even better? They’re 100% vegetarian and never tested on animals. So, how would you like your lip color to make you feel? Browse the entire range and pick one that speaks to you.