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Dec 12.10

Christmas Crafternoon: Recycled Paper Bird Ornaments

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This Christmas, birds have made an appearance on some of our gorgeous traditional gifts, Season’s Tweetings and Christmas Bathtime Favourites.

Their intricate patterns frame charming little birds with beautifully illustrated flowers and vines in rich, striking colors. These designs were inspired by the work of William Morris, a British textiles designer whose pieces heavily feature flowers, leaves and birds.

We’ve taken inspiration from these classic gifts and Mr. Morris’ lovely designs to create an adorable bird ornament from recycled materials! These birds are easy to make, completely customizable and will look fantastic on your Christmas tree, mantle or fluttering about in your home or office.

We’ve made ours with reused holiday wrapping paper, pages from past issues of the LUSH Times and outdated road maps, but you can use whatever materials you have on hand and get creative! Try using pages from old magazines or books, Christmas catalogs or holiday cards from years past.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Several sheets of recycled paper

-String, ribbon or twine for hanging your bird


-Hot glue gun

-Optional: bird template

-Optional: small twigs for bird feet

Step 1: Fold your paper in half, doubling it. Trace your bird outline onto the paper (I’ve used a template, but if you’re talented enough to draw one, free-hand—go ahead!), then draw the wing. I did two sizes of teardrop shapes, but feel free to wing it!

Step 2: Cut out your traced designs, creating two identical paper birds and pairs of wings.

Step 3: Cut about a 2” length of ribbon or twine. Use your hot glue gun to attach both ends to the back of one of your bird cutouts, creating a loop.

Step 4: If you’ll be using a small twig for the feet, glue it in place now too.

Step 5: Glue your second bird cutout on to the first, concealing where the ribbon and twig are glued. Make sure to line up your two halves as closely as possible!

Step 6: Attach the wings on either side of your bird using your glue gun. I’ve rolled mine outwards a little at the ends to create a 3-dimensional effect.

Step 7: Allow the glue to dry thoroughly, then hang up your bird and enjoy!

Go ahead and make yourself a full flock of colorful, unique birds to adorn your home, and hopefully you’ll find a LUSH hatbox or tin beneath your tree this year: they’re the perfect place to keep your birds safe until next year!