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Aimee O'Donnell Saunders

In the Kingston Market Place, in the autumn of 1999, Aimee O’Donnell Saunders became hooked on the idea of LUSH, on cosmetics made FRESH, out of beautiful, active ingredients. The products have been a part of her life (and bathroom) ever since. As luck would have it, Aimee got a temporary job at the Powell Street shop in San Francisco in November 2004. Another toss of the LUSH dice found her keeping that job well beyond the holidays as she’s still around! Aimee’s enjoyed the opportunity to be a Product Trainer for North America for over 7 years, travel extensively, and work with LUSH folk in a plethora of projects. She is known for ever-changing hairstyles, favoring bold patterns and bright colors, and rowdy cheering at baseball games. You can find her in San Francisco most days - just follow the scent of Furze perfume.

May 05.5

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Posted In: LUSH Life

Cinco de Mayo is sometimes mistaken as Mexican Independence Day, but that’s a whole other reason to celebrate on September 16.

May’s famous festival is an annual remembrance of an unlikely victory, May 5, 1862 in Puebla, Mexico. Successfully holding off the better-equipped French Army in the Battle of Puebla was indeed a cause for celebration; nowadays, north of the border, celebrating extends into a special day full of festivals, dancing, and appreciation for Mexican heritage and pride.

If you can’t get to Puebla this year, you can still enjoy a LUSH Fiesta: 

Lively lemongrass will wake you up, but it’s the mango and avocado butters that really make You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt a great pick for a Cinco De Mayo soak. Mexican Mangos are among the country’s largest fruit exports--and considered a gold standard for their flavor. Though not native to Latin America, the trees thrive there. Mangos, as well as mango butter, created from cold-pressing the seeds, are rich in nutrients and excellent skin conditioners. Last year, we used over 800lbs of mango butter in LUSH products, because it’s loaded with Vitamins A, E, and C - all great skin conditioners. You’ve Been Mangoed leaves a silky texture in the water while being deeply nourishing on the skin. 

Save the tequila for the margarita; every batch of Ocean Salt Facial Scrub contains freshly-infused vodka. Infusions are prepared in LUSH kitchens with fresh juices of grapefruit and limes, making Ocean Salt extra refreshing, toning, and lively while it blasts away dull skin. Sea salt is a natural cleanser, exfoliator, and brightener. It’s combined with the luxuriously rich butters of coconut and avocado, which provide a cushioning effect on the fresh skin revealed by the scrub. A cocktail that’s good for the skin? Better order a double. 

A lot of celebrating on Cinco de Mayo happens with a drink in hand. We suggest putting down one kind of shooter and picking up another - a LUSH Shower Jelly! Whoosh is great for blasting your senses awake post-party, especially if chilled or even frozen. Circulation-boosting, a chilly piece of soap adds literal zing to your shower, and the resulting lather is skin-softening and nourishing with vitamins from the carrageenan seaweed. You may still need additional TLC, but a bit of Whoosh will do you good. 

Is dancing on your horizon? With all the warmth of a Mexican sunset, Karma Kream is perfect for this time of year. It’s a great one to wear to a party; it softens skin for hours while Karma perfume mingles delicately (and won’t outshine your dance moves). That dual purpose also makes it ideal for packing light, or for sharing with a partner. When the Baja waves call your name for a weekend, Karma Kream scents your way. 

Cinco de Mayo is a chance to get together with friends and enjoy the many cultural treasures of Mexico and Latin America. Whether it’s a gigantic street festival, full of folklorico dancing, or a smaller gathering in your backyard, celebrating Cinco de Mayo--like the original victors in Puebla so long ago, reminds us to stay hopeful and proud, and embrace the good things in life while they last.