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May 05.5

Cinco de Mayo Crafternoon: Handmade Pinata

Posted In: DIY

On the 5th of May, Cinco de Mayo celebrations happen all over North America. Though the holiday originally commemorated Mexico’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, the modern holiday has become a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. Festivities highlight Mexican culture, music, dancing, food, and often—fruity blended drinks with tequila!

To get your Cinco de Mayo party started, Rene from our Customer Care Team shows us how to create a traditional piñata. It’s almost as fun to make as it is to destroy.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-newspaper (we’re using an old issue of the LUSH Times)





-white glue mixed with a little water

-tissue paper and recycled wrapping paper for decorating

-fruit, candies or LUSH goodies to fill the piñata.


1. Blow up your balloon and cut your newspaper into two-inch strips.

2. Using your paintbrush and glue mixture, apply strips of paper to the balloon until it’s covered. Apply glue overtop the paper strips to keep stray edges down. Two layers of paper strips will make for a pretty sturdy piñata, but feel free to make it thicker—this will make it even tougher to break! Leave it to dry overnight.

3. It’s decorating time! Make several cones from your wrapping paper and glue them to the piñata’s surface. To create the textured look of our piñata, cut strips of tissue paper that are about 5 inches wide, and then fold in half lengthways. On the non-folded side, use your scissors to make a cut in the tissue every ¼”. Glue the strips onto the piñata.

4. Fill the piñata with whatever goodies you like. We’ve filled ours with sweet mandarin oranges and snuck in a few LUSHious surprises too. Lip Balms, Lip Scrubs and Toothy Tabs are the perfect size to fit inside. Make two small holes near the opening of the piñata, then use your string to tie it up securely.

5. Gather your friends and family ‘round, and take turns whacking that piñata. Make sure you’ve got a prime position for catching a treat when it falls.

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all!