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Apr 04.3

Find a Rainbow

Posted In: LUSH Facts

It’s Find A Rainbow Day!

Celebrate with products that shine like Roy G. Biv, and create your own spectrum of fun for the day. Color expresses emotions in powerful ways. That’s the principle around Emotional Brilliance, which was developed with notions from Color Therapy and a London-based Brief Strategic Therapist named Lady Helen Kennedy. She helped conjure the words and intentions of Emotional Brilliance colors. Of course, EB is hardly the only place to find color in a LUSH shop: Choose what you gravitate towards, or try a few of these rainbow-inspired suggestions.

RED signals importance--fetching attention. In cultures around the world, red-painted front doors on homes signify different things - ranging from of safety and protection to prosperity and welcome. Red’s power is revered universally, which is why the true reds in Emotional Brilliance are called Strong, Power, Decisive, and Ambition. Red is a statement color, and initiates a quick response in the human brain. Wear these to make your message loud and clear.

Orange is a messenger, used in traffic and construction sights. Orange is uplifting, and keeps things elevated--so does using The Olive Branch. Bright coral in color, soft in effect, and filled with breezy ingredients like lemon, mandarin and bergamot . These oils are chosen for their tranquil and joyful notes, used in Aromatherapy for reducing tension, anxiety, and stressors that weigh us down. Citrus oils bustle with a clean energy, filling the heart with sunshine. So does the color orange, a social color, it can be a powerful trigger for our thoughts and appetites. Try amber-hued Karma soap to invite some warmth into your life. It’s our top-selling soap in both hemispheres.

Yellow says yes. It’s a happy, certain color. It’s at once light and full. Sexy Peel soap beacons lemon-yellow energy, and a healthy dose of lemon juice and essential oil. Though origins are likely Chinese, there are records of lemon cultivation in the Mediterranean from around 2,000 years ago. From Europe, the fruit spread far and wide, and is one of the most recognized fruits around the world. Its yellow character is often associated with cleanliness, brightening, and refreshing. Yellow, likewise, signals an awakening of the senses, like the sun itself presenting a new day. When life presents lemons, some of us take a bath. For a blast of positivity, there is no better bath than the shimmery, light-filled waters of a Sunnyside Bubble Bar slice. Under the frothy canopy of bubbles swirls a golden pool, inviting a dip in what feels like sunshine itself. Have you ever had unexpected good fortune? Reached into your pocket and discovered forgotten cash? That feeling of serendipity is what yellow secures in a hopeful, excited outlook on life.

Green is associated with newness and vitality - life budding in a shoot of grass. There is tranquility in this promise. Avobath contains the fruit of avocados, which create a healthy dip of vitamins A, E, and C. In 2012, we used 1486 pounds of avocados in our products, that’s the entire yearly crop for about 25 trees! Bathing in avocado-rich water will help calm the mind and dispel stress, as well as condition the skin. Green is mentally soothing, alleviating nerves and tension. It can help harness natural processes, like growth cycles. It incites renewal, of the body and mind.

Blue is at once constant and evolving. There is a lull to blue and all its many shades, like the ocean itself. Big Blue Bath Bomb is often likened to creating a personal oasis. Answer the siren’s call to calm, peaceful waters in either the bath or shower with Big Blue Bath Bomb or Sea Vegetable soap. Arame seaweed in both feeds the skin antioxidant beta-carotene and loads of vitamins and minerals; seaweeds can contain up to 20 times the nutrients of land-based plants--blowing the competition totally out of the water. Of course, some prefer dry land--or at least contained bodies of water like a bathtub. Dorothy Bubble Bar slice is another blue product PERFECT for Find A Rainbow Day! This lullaby smells like a breeze through a flowering garden of rose bushes and blossoming orange trees.

Indigo invites an introverted perspective. Several products in this deep, hazy, mystical color offer the chance to reflect inwardly while cleansing outwardly. It’s purple--but with a dash of darkness, an almost-blackness, to it. Sweetie Pie shower jelly’s inky color is twinkled with tiny glitter, adding an enchanted element to the seaweed-and-glycerin lather. The product can be frozen or used straight out of its pot for tons of bubbles in the shower or tub. Purple is the perfect paring for an introspective shower that will leave you feeling comforted and soft to the touch. If you can conjure time for a bath, Twilight Bath Bomb is the ultimate indigo water to dive into. Don’t be fooled by its pinky exterior: this one evolves like a dramatic sunset. There are three distinct phases of the time between day and night known as twilight, reflecting the actual amount of light in the sky. Civil, Nautical and Astronomical Twilights all have distinguishable characteristics--much like the phases the LUSH counterpart goes through in its unraveling ribbons of color and sparkle.

Violet plays with our imagination. It has an innocent flavor of hope, fantasy, regality and a bit of escapism… Willy Wonka springs to mind dressed in his purple finery. Another character to use for your next Magical Mystery Tour in the bath tub is Spacegirl; mellow out in your tub of lavender and grapefruit scented water. It's also the perfect color to dream with, and can enhance deeper states of meditation.

People are drawn to colors for all sorts of reasons--they are powerful sensory triggers. Colors, and the benefit they subconsciously bring into our lives, are interwoven throughout LUSH products in a spirited kaleidoscopic effect. It’s a melding of senses like scent, sight and of course, touch, combined into one high-impact LUSH experience.