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Apr 04.5

LUSH Cleans Up with San Diego Coastkeeper

Posted In: Charity Pot

For water quality and conservation, it comes down to the little things.

A shorter shower in the morning, using a little less fertilizer in the garden, not washing your car in the driveway, or picking up trash along our waterways all go a long way. When everyone does something small, it adds up to something very impressive.

San Diego Coastkeeper protects and restores swimmable, fishable, drinkable water in San Diego County.

From beach cleanups to water quality monitoring to educational events, we find ways to connect communities with our water resources and share ways we can all help. In February, LUSH Cosmetics partnered with San Diego Coastkeeper, pulling together 30 volunteers for an afternoon cleaning the beach at La Jolla Shores in support of cleaner, healthier water.

A popular beach for residents and tourists alike, La Jolla Shores fronts an Area of Special Biological Significance, one of 34 state-designated marine sites in California recognized for its unique habitat and ecological structure. In just two hours, the team removed 4,835 items from the shoreline. Totaling 26.85 pounds, 2,542 plastic items, 809 cigarette butts and 636 foam pieces were among the debris collected from one of San Diego’s most treasured beaches.

Nearly 80% of debris we find in our oceans starts from land.

Though sometimes left behind on the beach, marine debris can originate much further inland. Blown out of landfills or left on the ground, rain and wind can push into to our waterways, ultimately carrying it to the ocean. Being aware of your actions, no matter how far from the water you live, can make a much greater impact than you might think.

Some of the biggest marine debris threats include plastics, foam and cigarette butts; items that we use daily that don’t biodegrade and contain toxins. By reducing your use of these items and properly disposing of and recycling them, you can remove them from the stream of waste that could make its way into our water.

I’m thrilled to see companies like LUSH Cosmetics take the lead on making responsible choices, too. Beyond cleaning the beach with us, they look to limit water usage and packaging material, while including recycling and sustainability in their operations where possible. These choices give all of us better options when we make our purchasing decisions and contribute to making our waters cleaner and healthier.

And when they visited La Jolla Shores, they walked away as the newest members of San Diego Coastkeeper—supporting our work with both “time and treasure”—each essential to our mission. So pass on plastic and bring your own reusable bag, choose the product with less packaging, recycle that water bottle and then opt for a reusable one. If you’re heading to the beach, bring snacks in reusable containers. Consider bringing a trash bag for your own mini-cleanup. It’s always great to leave a place better than when you arrived!

LUSH makes a lot of little choices that add up to a cleaner environment. What small choices will you make to be a part of the bigger solution?

This post was written by Mallory Watson, the Community Engagement Coordinator from San Diego Coastkeeper, a Charity Pot partner. Thanks for all of the fantastic work that you do, and for joining us on the LUSH blog!