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Julia Hamfelt

Julia, or Lazer Wolf as she's more commonly known around LUSH HQ, is the LUSH Times Editor and manager of the LUSH Copy Team. Her LUSH roots began four years ago at the Victoria, BC shop as a Bath Bomb detonating, bubble blowing, dancing machine. She now spends her days collaborating with fellow writers and designers to create fresh LUSH Times editions, web copy and in-store signage. When she's not writing and editing LUSH prose, you might find her engaging in fierce lazer tag battles, belting out a karaoke tune (Tina Turner, always) or doting over her beloved kitty, Luba.

Apr 04.22

LUSH Crafternoon: Put a Pinwheel On It

Posted In: Handmade >> Tips and Tricks

Do you know which way the wind is blowing?

Often used in Chinese New Year celebrations for their symbolic meaning of 'turning one's luck around', pinwheels became widely popular children's toys in North America in the early 1920s. But they aren't just for kids anymore! You've likely spotted a pinwheel or two in bridesmaid's bouquets, table centerpieces or as decorative garden flourishes. Inspired by our pinwheel-adorned Mother's Day gift, Happiness, this craft is simple, beautiful and sure to impress your mother dearest.

Materials Needed:

  • Colorful, double-sided craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Large straws (or wooden dowels with a hole drilled through the top)
  • Small felt or fabric flowers
  • Long, bendable pins
  • Medium-sized round beads


Step 1 The very first, and most important, step is to make sure your paper is a perfect square. Fold your paper in half, and then in half again, to find the center. Mark it with an X.

Step 2 With your pencil and ruler, draw straight lines diagonally across from each corner to create a large X. Mark the spot two-thirds into each line (closest to the center) on your paper.

Step 3 Cut from each corner directly on your drawn line to the spot marked two-thirds down.

Step 4 Gently poke a hole in the top corner of every other flap. Poke a hole in the centre.

Step 5 This is the trickiest part! We're going to pin the whole thing together. First, put your decorative flower onto the pin, and then attached each flap with a pre-poked hole before sliding your pin through the centre.

Step 6 Attach a bead on the backside of the pinwheel. Push the pin through your straw or wooden dowel and bend it down the back to secure the pinwheel in place.

Step 7 It's time to see your masterpiece in action. Take a deep breath and blow!