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Aimee O'Donnell Saunders

In the Kingston Market Place, in the autumn of 1999, Aimee O’Donnell Saunders became hooked on the idea of LUSH, on cosmetics made FRESH, out of beautiful, active ingredients. The products have been a part of her life (and bathroom) ever since. As luck would have it, Aimee got a temporary job at the Powell Street shop in San Francisco in November 2004. Another toss of the LUSH dice found her keeping that job well beyond the holidays as she’s still around! Aimee’s enjoyed the opportunity to be a Product Trainer for North America for over 7 years, travel extensively, and work with LUSH folk in a plethora of projects. She is known for ever-changing hairstyles, favoring bold patterns and bright colors, and rowdy cheering at baseball games. You can find her in San Francisco most days - just follow the scent of Furze perfume.

Mar 03.22

Emotional Brilliance: Cruelty-Free Color

When Emotional Brilliance launched in July 2012, our exciting new range was noted for its imagination and the expansion of the concept on what makes us feel beautiful.

Using EB taps into a kaleidoscope of thoughts and feelings and how they play out in colors. It doesn’t hurt there may be dry ice swirling around you as you select your colors. What we hope isn’t lost in the smoke is how Emotional Brilliance is totally cruelty-free!

The range is 100% vegan with zero animal testing anywhere in its supply chain. Emotional Brilliance assures that ethics don’t have to be scrapped for beauty. LUSH has offered beauty without cruelty through our entire history. Even farther back in previous companies and ventures along the way, our LUSH founders were advocates for the end and banishment of animal testing practices—and cleverly coming up with their own way of doing things.

There were two choices made early on in LUSH kitchens:

1. Use reliably safe ingredients, with a recorded history of safe use in cosmetics.

2. Test on humans, not animals.

Along the way, the range evolved to use hundreds of such safely recorded ingredients, and enlisted countless human volunteers during various stages of production. Meanwhile, our policies with supplies ensuring their supply chains are cruelty free have grown alongside the rest of the business. We have never had to compromise on our beliefs.

Every year, new products launch from the labs, that still exemplify these early principles. Imagine a creative process never interrupted by bothersome ethical questions, forcing a dilemma when it’s least convenient. By establishing simple ground rules early on, the product creators have triumphed in bringing both their ethics and imaginations together over the past three decades. Emotional Brilliance is really the height of this.

Requests for “LUSH make-up” poured in for years, while quietly in the background EB was being crafted. We chose vegan ingredients that would serve as excellent bases for delivering pigments and offer the skin a benefit. Cupuacu Butter, a known alternative to animal-derived lanolin, as an example, was selected for the base of Cream Eyeliners and Cream Eyeshadows. It delivers hydration so the product glides onto skin, and binds well with the other ingredients. It’s purposeful, beneficial and vegan—the perfect attributes for the bases we created. Using Emotional Brilliance can make a number of statements, subtly as well as loud and proud.

Obvious or not, beauty without cruelty doesn’t have to sacrifice results or glamour. It does have it all. That's our LUSH guarantee of Fresh, Handmade Color.