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Mar 03.25

Crystal Bowersox: My Health and Beauty Steps

What better way to start the week than with a guest blogger? We were thrilled to find out that Crystal Bowersox was a LUSH fan and wanted to share her health and beauty tips with us. Even better - listening to her new album while soaking in the tub!

My beauty philosophy is that products are best when they are in their most natural state.

I would consider myself a naturalist, especially when it comes to the things I put on, or in my body. When products are made with pure ingredients, it's safer for not only us, but for the world. There are already thousands of cosmetic ingredients that have already been proven safe, so there is really no justifiable "need" for animal testing. That’s why I use and trust brands like LUSH, I know they use high-quality, fresh ingredients that have been around for ages and therefore don’t need to be tested on animals. I believe that all living things need to be treated with respect, dignity, reverence, and gratitude, even the smallest creatures.

My 5 Key Steps for Health and Beauty

1. Relaxation: Nothing will stomp on your immune system and bring on a cold like a few super-stressful days. I like to use different scented LUSH Bath Bombs to add a little dose of tranquility to every bath I take. I love to mix it up with a different scent each time, but my favorites are definitely bright and sunny notes, like citrus or floral.

2. Personal Hygiene: I was the self-admitted stinky girl for a while. The more that I read about ingredients used to make conventional deodorants and antiperspirants, the less I wanted to wear them. So of course, when my 4 year old son couldn't take Mommy's musk anymore, "Mama, you stink," I started searching for something reliably effective and completely natural. I (and everyone around me) was so relieved when I found LUSH’s T’eo (tea tree and citrus deodorant bar). The antiseptic properties of tea tree and citrus work well against the bacteria that causes odor and the best part is that they are completely natural.

3. Soaps: I'm a fool for homemade soaps (especially from LUSH!). Just when I think I've smelled them all, I find a new one, and each one is so unique. Just as the deodorant bar helps combat stinky mama syndrome, using fun scented soaps is great for your own senses and not just the noses of the folks around you. These gorgeous soaps are also perfect for a guest bathroom, too.

4. Skin Care: Staying hydrated is important for every part of your body, especially the skin. However, after using some conventional cleansing and moisturizing products I found that they left my skin feeling more irritated and red, and sometimes even burned. Once again, this frustration led me on a quest to find cleansing and moisturizing products that I could feel safe using every day without the bumps or irritations. I've used oatmeal on my skin for cleansing and avocados for moisture because they are rich in all of the vitamins and minerals your skin needs. When I'm on the road and don't have those things, I use Ultrabland for cleansing, and Celestial face cream for moisturizing. Also, I'm in love with Buffy, the exfoliating Body Butter bar - it's even better to shower together and have someone else scrub your back!

5. Lip Care: My lips are my proudest feature, so I try to take good care of them. They're the first to greet the wind and the love of the sun, which can sadly leave them a little dry. I always carry a balm of some kind with me, to make sure that they don't dry up and fall off. My favorite products for my pucker are Lip Service and Mint Julips lip scrub.

Crystal’s new album called “All That For This” with Shanachie Records goes live on Tuesday, March 26th, listen and download today 

Check out Crystal’s "Dead Weight" music video:

About Crystal: After signing with renowned indie label Shanachie Entertainment, singer-songwriter Crystal Bowersox is proud to present her sophomore studio effort, ALL THAT FOR THIS (Out Everywhere March 26, 2013). Produced by Steve Berlin (Los Lobos, Rickie Lee Jones, Angelique Kidjo), the album boasts a deeply personal collection of original songs, as well as a duet with special guest Jakob Dylan. The Ohio-bred singer-songwriter, who was first catapulted to superstardom as a finalist on Season 9 of American Idol, captured the hearts of millions with her angelic voice and gentle strength. ALL THAT FOR THIS is the follow-up to her critically-heralded debut FARMER'S DAUGHTER (Jive Records), and promises the same fusion of emotive folk-rock and country-tinged soul This summer, Crystal is set to make her NYC-Broadway debut in "Always...Patsy Cline" as the iconic country songstress.