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Katy Cobb

Katy’s LUSH journey began in 2009 at the Robson Street store. Here, she abandoned her ego, donned a Sex Bomb costume and spread LUSH love through the streets of Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Since then, Katy’s worked in LUSH manufacturing as a manager-in-training in the Gifts department and has most recently joined the Copy team where she’s excited to share her LUSH passion through the written word (though she’ll miss the Sex Bomb costume). Katy’s a self-proclaimed cheesecake connoisseur and crazy cat lady. When she’s not LUSHin’ it up, you’ll find her hiking the north shore trails or perfecting her sangria recipe.

Oct 10.23

Composting 101: A beginner’s guide to creating soil from scraps

Posted In: DIY

Fall is officially here! With the trees dropping their leaves and gardens getting their final trim for the season, it’s the perfect time of year to start composting. Each year, 40-50% of waste sent to landfills is organic material that could have been composted. By composting our kitchen scraps and yard waste, we could reduce the amount of waste entering landfills by nearly half! This would decrease the production of harmful methane emissions from landfills, while generating high-quality soil for backyard gardens, community gardens or houseplants.

Special thanks to Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre.