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Jul 07.26

The dog days of summer: Keep you and your pets cool

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The dog days of summer have arrived! Here in the Pacific Northwest, we wait out the rain all year for these hot, sultry days.

This June is being touted as the warmest one on record – and we’re all feeling the heat! As droughts continue and the heat rises, we’re all trying to be water smart and seek shelter from the sun. Thankfully, we’ve got a few eco-friendly tips that will help you, your house and your pets chill out until the cooling rains arrive.

Keep your home cool

1. Install ceiling fans and floor fans.
These will help circulate the air and cool the room and your body. Fans use way less energy than air conditioners, and although they don't work to cool the air, they will help your room a cooler place for your pets to get away from the heat.

2. Keep those windows open – and then closed.
The air outside is usually at night and in the early morning, so keep windows open at those times and then close up the house and close the curtains during the day to keep out unwanted heat.

3. Cold eats and drinks!
Using your stove or oven at any point during the day will only heat up your home. Choose meals you don’t have to cook and stay hydrated with a cool beverage or homemade popsicles!

D fluff popsicle

4. Dry laundry outdoors.
Might as well try and make the most of the heat! Hang clothes to dry and keep your dryer on standby for when it’s cooler or later at night.

5. If there’s really no relief from the heat, try escaping to a place where air-conditioning is sure to be a constant.
And if you’re hopping in the tub to keep cool, be water smart in these dry times: reuse that bathwater to water your plants or garden, wash anything that needs hand-washing like rugs, curtains or your car.

Keep your pets cool

1. Be sure to provide fresh, cool water every day.

2. Take a few ice cubes in a handkerchief and tie them around your dog's neck.

3. Wrap an ice pack in a dishtowel and put it in your pet's favorite spot, then lay him on it.

A ginger cat enjoys a cool spot on the floor

4. Cool your cat or dog by petting them with a cool, dampened towel. Gently stroke their head and back a few times a day.

5. Give your dog or cat an ice cube to eat.

6. Make doggy ice cream! Here's a simple recipe that'll make your pup happy whether you're at home or on a hike:

- 1-cup peanut butter
- 3 ripe bananas
- 4 cups plain yogurt

Put all your ingredients into a blender and hit purée. Then pour the mixture into ice cube trays and freeze. Wait a few hours and you've got a cold, yummy snack that’ll keep your pup happy!

Any ideas about how to conserve water or keep cool during these dog days of summer? Share your tips and let’s stay cool Lushies!