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Jun 06.5

How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Be it outside, inside, deskside, on the patio, vertically, or even communally--tending plants is one of our favorite activities at LUSH.   

So much so, that LUSH staff got down and dirty a few years ago to create a community garden at our Vancouver HQ, which is self-maintained by our green-thumbed colleagues. In the past, customers in our stores have made seed bombs with us, in hopes of kick-starting guerilla gardens all over our concrete jungles.  We believe in the need for peaceful spots of relaxation, letting our imaginations play, and in the right to get very dirty in the garden, and then very clean again in the shower. Whether it’s right outside your door, through the gates of a Botanical Garden, or wherever it’s found, exploring the wonders of nature-at-work only adds value to our lives. 

Come through our virtual garden gate, to our Pinterest board How Does Your  Garden Growfor a tour of our dream garden:

1.  Quietude is a priceless gift from a green space.  Any nook, bench, boulder, stair step or grassy patch will do--just sit down for a bit and observe what’s around you. You don’t have to decode nature--or even consider it methodically or logically. Plant yourself in the midst of it, and it’s peace can restore you. Photo Credit:

2.  On a hot summer night, where else would you want to be? Gardens can be extraordinary extensions of our internal spaces, as well.  With a setting like this, and of course a good flick, snacks and your favorite people, holing up on the couch inside would be unthinkable.  Pass the popcorn, please…Photo Credit:

3.  This photo made us think of a garden and a kitchen having a baby together! A spot to keep your tools and seedlings organized and stored between use is handy for any gardener; if your designated ar/ea can look as glorious as this, all the better. This potting table feels like a manifestation of the garden itself. Photo Credit:

4.  Hello, drama! A fountain like this adds a beautiful focal point to this stunning vertical garden, with a fantastic mix of colors and textures.  Also called living walls, vertical gardens like this are not only a lift for the eyes, but a clever way to maximize smaller spaces as well as cover up bland or unsightly walls and fences. Several LUSH Shops have living walls like this (minus the fountain) to add a spash of green to those indoor spaces--lucky LUSHies! Photo Credit:

5.  While we’re at it, let’s talk about creating a roof garden, as well. This Seattle-area chicken coop/shed’s lively roof is a mix of hardy succulents, which require very little maintenance and water overall and come in a spectrum of colors and varieties for a truly eye-popping mix. This has given us some ideas for projects this summer in our own backyards--though we may be starting with our smaller birdhouses first! Photo Credit:

6.  Gardening is tough work!  Breaking a sweat in the backyard calls for fairly frequent water breaks. This trellised swing would do nicely.  After a day of active work in the yard, a spot this picturesque to watch the birds and bees zip around in would be a delight. Most of all, we’d enjoy slipping our feet out of their rubber garden shoes for a few minutes, and letting the wind tickle our toes. Photo Credit:

7. Of course, at LUSH, we are always thinking about our next shower.  For those of us who spend as much time outside as possible, especially getting dirty in our yards, this shower would do well - just grab your Seanik, and you’re all set!  Additionally, this one could be a win-win with a grey-water system to feed water run-off back to the garden. Photo Credit:

Rudyard Kipling once wrote, “Gardens are not made by singing 'Oh, how beautiful,' and sitting in the shade.”  Instead, they are more like active experiments. Our Pinterest board is dedicated to garden images that inspire and rejuvenate--just by clicking on them! With a case of Green Fever like ours, there will always be more ground to cover (on-line and outside).  

So tell us--how does your garden grow?  We’d love to know!