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Feb 02.15

Did you know? 5 facts about cleansing with muds and clays

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What makes our cleansers so unique at LUSH? They’re fresh, handmade, and full of nourishing, deep cleansing ingredients like minerals, clays and muds.

Soap, while fantastic for cleansing the body, can be too harsh for the delicate skin on your face. When used too frequently, soap can strip the skin of its natural oils and cause an imbalance. So if you skip the soap, how else can you effectively wash your face? With rhassoul mud, kaolin clay and calamine! All three ingredients are naturally absorbent and leave the skin feeling smooth, soft and clean. Here are five things you might not know about the deep cleansing powders in our Cleanser Rolls and Fresh Face Masks.

1. More clay = less preservatives
Our cleanser rolls are made fresh, sold by weight and contain no preservatives or surfactants. Most pre-packaged cleansers contain some water content already, so they require a preservative to maintain a shelf life. We would rather leave the last step up to you! Adding powdered muds and clays to our cleansers also means we can hold off on adding water until right before you use it. This way, it’s really you who’s “making” your cleanser fresh at the sink.


We use kaolin clay in our Herbalism cleanser roll to cleanse and soften the skin.

2. Rhassoul is an ancient beauty treatment
In Arabic, rhassoul means ‘the matter which washes’. Moroccan women have been mixing rhassoul mud with water to cleanse their skin and hair since the 8th century. Today, it’s often used in Turkish baths and spas as a full body mask for its ability to draw impurities from the skin. We use rhassoul in our Dark Angels cleanser roll and Cupcake fresh face mask for bright, deeply cleansed skin.

3. Calamine is a natural anti-pruritic
It’s no coincidence that we reach for calamine lotion to soothe a bad sunburn or bug bite. Calamine helps reduce itch and redness of irritated skin, which is why we use it in our Aqua Marina and Fresh Farmacy cleansers. Calamine is also fantastic for cleansing the skin and removing residue.

3. Sourced from Morocco
The best rhassoul mud in the world comes from very far away! We source ours from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The rhassoul mines are located in the Moulouya valley, approximately 200km from the City of Fes. The clay is removed by hand, washed in water to eliminate impurities and finally laid out to dry in the sun. The final product is a super fine, mineral-rich powder.

5. You can have your clay, and brush with it too!
Kaolin clay isn’t just for washing your face – it’s also an effective way to clean your teeth. Our Toothy Tabs are made with a blend of sodium bicarbonate, essential oils and kaolin clay to naturally cleanse and whiten the teeth by buffing away build up.

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