Apr 04.4

Easter Myths, Stories and Traditions

With its origins as a sacred holiday, Easter brings with it legends, myths and springtime rituals for all to share. Learn about Easter traditions from around the world, and join in celebrating rebirth, renewal and the coming of spring with fresh, LUSHious inventions!

Here in North America, many households with young children will celebrate Easter day by exploring what the Easter Bunny has left them overnight. Since the 17th century, egg hunts around the house and garden have been a part of Easter morning—decorated hard boiled eggs used to be the norm, but in modern days, chocolate eggs have become ubiquitous with the holiday. You can innovate on this tradition by placing a few uplifting Immaculate Eggceptions around the house (maybe hidden in the bathroom) or perhaps leave some juicy Carrot Bubble Bars out for the Easter Bunny!

Many Easter rites involve wielding the power of grasses and trees. In Finland, families will plant rye grass and herald the coming of warmer weather as the grass grows indoors. In Sweden and Denmark, children go door-to-door, blessing neighboring houses with willow branches. Don’t have any of these handy quite yet? You can grab a bottle of Grass shower gel and revel in the freshly-juiced potency of wheatgrass, bergamot and neroli oils. This adventure in springtime showers will keep your skin soft and your senses alive for the rest of the day.

In Hungarian-speaking countries, you can celebrate Easter-tide with ‘Watering Monday’—a tradition wherein men visit their female relatives and friends, and sprinkle perfumed waters on them in exchange for a decorated egg! You can adapt this fragrant ceremony by agreeing to spritz your loved ones with a cooling Eau Roma Water blessing, maybe in exchange for a Golden Egg?

The word Easter is said to come from ‘Ostara’--the name of a goddess in Anglo-Saxon religion who represents dawn and the Spring solstice. She is also associated with seeds, flowers and tilled earth. Offerings of these are given to the goddess in the neopagan world. Planting seeds, whether in a recycled container, a fancy planter, or on your windowsill, is a lovely way to bring Ostara indoors. After you get your hands dirty, wash it all off with something that will bring the dawn into your life with awakening citrus oils, like Happy Hippy shower gel or Brightside Bubble Bar!

As for the celebration of hares and rabbits that naturally occurs at Easter, we happen to think they are delightful animals that should never have cosmetics tested on them! You can cultivate mindfulness towards these soft and sweet creatures by learning more about animal testing in North America, chatting with your local LUSH staff, or hopping over to our fighting animal testing website. If you simply must adopt a bunny, Bunny Bubble Bar is a good bet! Softening and sweet, filled with coconut and cocoa butters, he’s so adorable you might not even want to throw him in the bath.

No matter your chosen celebration, we’ve got everything you need to go forth and rejoice in the arrival of the solstice, Easter and spring!

Leigh Casbourne