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Mar 03.28

Easter Egg Hunt Tips and Tricks

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The Easter egg hunt is a much-loved tradition that most kids (and even some adults) can’t wait to take part in.

The Easter egg hunt is a beloved tradition that most kids (and even some adults) can’t wait to take part in. This Easter, why not add a twist to your traditional egg-sploration? We’ve got LUSHious treats to fill those baskets, as well as a few egg-citing Easter hunt ideas that your little bunnies are sure to love. Let’s get crackin’!

Head outside

Take your Easter scavenger hunt outside. It might seem like a simple thing, but expanding your hunting area and exploring the great outdoors for hidden treasure will be even more egg-citing than an indoor hunt. Get the family dog involved in all the fun and hide treats for her, too.

Safety tip: Mark a perimeter for your hunting area to be sure that everyone stays safely within bounds.

Choose a theme

Let your imagination run wild and pick a theme for your Easter egg hunt. Ask everyone to wear only red, a crazy hat or come dressed in a pirate costume. Decorate your space to match and create themed treasures, snacks and maps to lead your little egg-splorers to treats.

Fun and games

Turn your Easter egg hunt into a games-filled afternoon! Play games like the egg and spoon race (Immaculate Eggception and Fluffy Egg are perfect for this!), three-legged race, tug-of-war, tag and more. After each game, award egg-citing treats to the winning team or give out prizes to all the kids to fill their Easter baskets.

Easter basket with LUSH products

Lead the way

Grab some different colored ribbons and lead your treasure hunters on a wild hunt. Tie one end of your ribbon to a secure spot and weave your way down, around and through everything you can. Do this with as many colors as there are kids and they’ll be laughing and getting tangled up as they try to follow their ribbon to their special treasure. Leave some treats to find along the way like a Bunch of Carrots or Hoppity Poppity as they make their way to the big prize at the end.

What’s the best Easter scavenger hunt you’ve heard about or created yourself? What special things do you like to do? Let’s hear about ‘em. Hop to it!