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Oct 10.25

My Emotional Brilliance Experience

A beauty blogger reviews LUSH makeup

At LUSH we like to bring a little bit of magic into everything we do, and Emotional Brilliance, our line of color cosmetics, is no different. The concept behind Emotional Brilliance goes beyond simply designing colors for the season, or colors that look best for your skin tone, and into the realm of how wearing the colors make you feel. In an effort to help you find the colors, or words, you need, we offer Color Readings in our shops (and online). Color Readings are of your emotional state at this moment in time.

We sent Joyce, a beauty blogger from the Chicago area, into her local shop for a Color Reading. She took home three colors she chose from her personalized reading and wrote a review on the colors she chose - read the highlights below!

"I went to the store to experience an Emotional Brilliance reading. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, I chose three shades that really stood out to me. The first signifies your strength or weakness, the second your subconscious, and the last your aspirations. So, take a look at my color reading selections! You can also do your own color reading in store, or online!

My Strength or Weakness: Passionate
I seriously love this GORGEOUS fuchsia pink. It is a very long wearing lip color that I nearly have to exfoliate to remove. I love the color and feel super confident wearing it! Do I feel passionate? I sure do, and it totally is a strength and a weakness! (Those of you who get excited about certain projects or plans will know what I mean!)

Passionate - A gorgeous, hot pink fuchsia, this is the most long-wearing cover ever! It wears forever, it doesn't transfer too much and it's just a gorgeous color.

My Subconscious: Calm
I was immediately drawn to this pretty pale blue... this selection is fitting as I am pretty overly calm and composed most of the time! I find this color to be super summery, and on my skin tone it becomes a pretty shade of turquoise. Love it!

Calm - An eyeliner, but as is explained to me, you can use these colors any way you want. If you wanted to wear it on your lips you could, if wanted to blend colors together you can. You can blend it out into an eyeshadow, which I did the other day when I was wearing it. It's a pretty, pretty summer color. It would be perfect for a bronzey summer look. On my skin tone, it becomes a little bit more turquoise which is really pretty as well.

My Aspiration: Motivation
Motivation is always my aspiration, isn't it funny how that turned out? I was surprised how much I like this gorgeous dark teal blue shade. It looks almost neutral, and yet it isn't, and that is just the type of liner that I love. Now if only it could give me that extra kick of motivation I'm always looking for!

Motivation - I love the shimmer in this dark blue. This is an eyeliner, and you can blend it out as an eyeshadow if you want." 

Each of our eyeshadows, eyeliners and lipsticks are handmade with blends of organic jojoba oil, candelilla and rose wax. As well as being incredibly softening and soothing, the base carries the rich pigments very well. Each pigment was carefully designed to represent the word associated with it. When you wear the colors, you will represent the chosen words. Come into your local shop for your own very own personalized Color Reading today and find out which colors you need in your life! To read her full review, visit Joyce at