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Mar 03.22

Fighting Animal Testing: Grayson Loving

Grayson Loving works at our shop on NW 23rd Avenue in Portland, Oregon.

He is also a part-time Traveling Training Liaison with the LUSH Training Team, and delivers regular sessions to staff in Washington State, Oregon and California. Grayson started at the Orlando Airport LUSH in 2009, and has developed a passion not only for LUSH products, ingredients and lore—but also the strong ethical principles of the brand. Most notably as a vegan, Grayson identifies with LUSH’s fight against animal testing—and has the Sparring Hare logo tattooed to prove this dedication.

You must really connect with LUSH Fighting Animal Testing!

One of the reasons I have worked for LUSH for years now and am so committed is because I really like the idea of educating customers about animal rights and animal testing.

What drew you to the logo as a tattoo design?

When I saw the Fighting Animal Testing logo, I thought it was beautiful. I thought the image itself, being a silhouette, was great, and I was really struck by it. I knew that I wanted that as a tattoo to commemorate my dedication to LUSH and to animal rights and protecting and fighting for animals.

Was it your idea to put them in clothing?

Yeah, I did—for me, animal rights are a really huge part of my beliefs and I have other animal rights-themed tattoos. It’s really important to me that it be unique, and something that has a story to it. I wanted something a little more ornate. I’ve been trying to move in a direction of my tattoos being more intricate and looking like illustrations.

What was your inspiration for the look?

I brought some old British illustrations that brought the animals to life with all of this personality by giving them vests and monocles and showed them having tea together. I thought that imagery was beautiful and I’ve always loved things that gave animals a human personality and made them more relatable to people.

Tell us about some of your other animal-themed tattoos, like the cat on your forearm:

I love cats. I love animals in general. I have a long-term plan to have an entire sleeve on this arm of different animals and images I find really moving. I love old portraits, too. The facial expression on the cat is a little sad and the cat’s really young, transitioning out of being a kitten. This particular one is meant to capture this kind of emotion, this time in my life where I was transitioning into adulthood. It comes with mixed things, a little sense of loss but there is something really special about claiming your adulthood.

Were you thinking about getting a LUSH-themed tattoo anyway?

I like the idea of having tattoos that commemorate different periods in your life, so that when you look back on a body covered in tattoos, it’s almost like a storyline. It tells your story. Because I have worked for LUSH long enough and I know that I love it, and that I will continue to—I knew I wanted a LUSH tattoo, and when I saw the Fighting Animal Testing logo, it was all wrapped up for me.

As such an avid animal lover, if you could make one significant change in the world to how animals are treated, what would it be?

It would be a philosophical change. It actually references another one of my tattoos—We All Are Animals (on left forearm). I would have people change the way they think about animals—we all share the planet together. Humans developed our language and technology and we’ve accomplished so much—and somehow that makes us think we’re entitled to abuse and neglect and be disrespectful to other creatures that share the planet with us. I think if there is anything special and divine about humans, that animals must have it, too. I would ask people to remember that they too, are just animals.

LUSH is literally under Grayson's skin. As a cause and company trademark, his dedication to the fight against animal testing is more than skin-deep.