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Apr 04.9

Employee Profile: Meet Lee O'Connor

Posted In: Careers >> Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder what Manu folk do when we’re not making bubbles or massage bars?

Well if you’re Inventory Management Specialist Lee O'Connor, the moment you get out of work or school, you grab your bike and hit the beautiful city of Vancouver to raise money for charities!

As a vegan, an active member of our Manu Charity Pot Team and Manu Green Team, and with a workout schedule that would put most of us to shame, Lee is one of those true gems of LUSH. He does so many amazing things for others and has such an amazing positive attitude all the time, that he’s really someone the rest of us here in the factory look up to! He’s almost never without a smile or a kind word for someone, and he’s taking that positivity to the streets to pass it along!

An avid bike rider, Lee came up with the idea for his nightly charity rides in January of 2013: for the following 365 days, every time he goes on a bike ride (usually every night), he takes a photo of the area of Vancouver that he’s in! Once he posts it on Facebook, his friends and family have the chance to try and guess where in the city the photo was taken – not an easy feat! If they guess it right, Lee donates $5 of his own money to the charity, non-profit, or activist organization of their choice! If no one guesses in between pictures, or if he misses a day, the money rolls over into the next day and is added to that day’s $5! There have been days where the pot has literally climbed, along with Lee, to $50!