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Loranda Vazquez

Loranda's LUSH story begins fresh out of university. Knowing she wanted to write for a living, but not knowing where to start, she turned to her friends and family for words of wisdom. Loranda's father-in-law gave her the following advice: "Find a company that you love, and find out how to do what you love for that company". She applied at one place - LUSH.
Loranda began as a sales associate and voiced her dream of one day becoming a copywriter. In the shop, she learned about the brand, products and ingredients and moved into managing. Next she traveled around North America setting up new stores and training staff on LUSH merchandising with the Design Team. She practiced her LUSH writing every day! Finally a position opened up for copywriter - her dream job! Since the spring of 2009, Loranda's been writing for the LUSH Times, the website and everything in between.

Sep 09.2

Some like it buff

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Did you know that your skin loses roughly one million dead cells every day? It’s constantly shedding old cells and rebuilding new ones.

Fortunately, skin cells are so tiny that this daily turnover isn’t actually visible to the naked eye. But when the skin doesn't get much exfoliation, dead skin cells can combine with the skin's own natural oils and block pores. This can lead to blackheads, breakouts, and congested pores – none of which are enjoyable for the skin! Exfoliating helps to clarify and cleanse away dry skin so that you're less likely to experience any of those skin annoyances.

We only use natural ingredients to exfoliate the skin, rather than plastic scrubs. Not only do we believe that this is better for the environment (we hate to think about where all those plastic scrubby beads go after washing down the sink), but natural exfoliators have additional effects for the skin, outside of exfoliating.

The Rough With The Smooth in use

The Rough With The Smooth Body Scrub in use

Take one of our face and body cleansers, Angels on Bare Skin, for example. It’s packed full of ground almonds, which offer a nutritious and creamy scrub to the skin. The ground almond shells in Love Lettuce provide for a lovely scrub, leaving skin polished and smooth. We also use coarse and fine sea salt in our Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub and Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub to not only exfoliate, but to also re-mineralize and brighten the skin. Scrubby sugar is used in our beweitching vanilla-black pepper The Rough With The Smooth Body Scrub, in our sweet and detoxifying Sugar Scrub, and in our lip scrubs to make for unbelievably soft lips. You'll see ground rice and aduki beans in our Buffy Body Butter to help thoroughly scrub the skin for a smoothing effect. These natural ingredients provide for a lovely scrub for the skin – as well as a whole host of other benefits!

Need another reason to exfoliate? The ever-dreaded in-grown hair. An in-grown hair occurs when hair can’t grow through a pore due to dead skin cells sitting on the surface of the skin and creating a blockage. Imagine a flower trying to grow through a layer of cement on the sidewalk – it wouldn't be able to push through and would get stuck. By exfoliating, you remove those dead skin cells that might otherwise block pores and cause in-grown hairs.

Exfoliation is a lovely way to keep the skin healthy and functioning naturally – and it feels pretty fantastic, too. When deciding on the texture of an exfoliant and how often you should scrub, we recommend that you listen to your skin and base your decisions on your personal preferences. Get to a Lush shop and feel our scrubby cleansers for yourself!