Aug 08.12

Exfoliate; Get your Scrub on!

Exfoliating skin care products at LUSH Cosmetics

The teams at LUSH Headquarters were recently invited to a Body Care training session lead by our expert product trainers. We were so inspired by the info that we asked product trainer Amanda Sipenock to share more about body care, specifically exfoliation, with you here on the LUSH Blog. Here's what she had to say!

At LUSH, we believe in simple, effective skin care that works with the skin's own structure, rather than against it.

By using beautiful, natural ingredients, we can achieve beautiful, natural results. Our knowledge of the skin and how it functions goes back to the original LUSH Trainer: LUSH co-Founder, Liz Bennett. Liz has said that we want to create skin care that will provide maximum benefit to the skin, with the least amount of interference. She has studied and worked with the skin for years as a beauty therapist, and brings her extensive knowledge to our skin care range and philosophy.

One way to take care of the skin is to keep it looking bright and feeling soft by exfoliating. Exfoliating removes those dead skin cells, keeping the skin smooth and glowing! Skin cells are constantly renewing themselves and while new cells are forming, dead skin sometimes remains behind, which can leave the skin looking dull.

Ocean Salt face and body scrub made with sea salt and fresh citrus juices

When the skin doesn't get much exfoliation, dead skin cells can combine with the skin's own natural oils and block poresThis can lead to blackheads, breakouts, and congested pores--none of which are enjoyable for the skin! Exfoliating helps to clarify and cleanse so that you're less likely to experience any of those skin annoyances.

LUSH only uses natural ingredients to exfoliate the skin, rather than plastic scrubs. Not only do we believe that this is better for the environment, (we hate to think about where all those plastic scrubby beads go after washing down the sink), but natural exfoliators have additional effects for the skin, outside of exfoliating.

Buffy Body Butter exfoliates with ground almonds and moisturizes with cocoa butter.

Take one of our facial cleansers, Angels on Bare Skin, for example! You can find ground almonds in its ingredient list, which offer a nutritious and creamy scrub to the skin. The ground almond shell in Love Lettuce Face Mask provides for a lovely, consistent scrub, which leaves the skin polished and smooth! We also use coarse and fine sea salt in our Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub and Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub to not only exfoliate, but to also remineralize and brighten the skin. Sugar is used in our sweet and detoxifying Sugar Scrub to polish the body smooth, as well as in our lip scrubs to make for unbelievably soft lips, (and it makes for a tasty snack, too!). You'll see ground rice and aduki beans in our Buffy Body Butter, which help to thoroughly scrub the skin for a smoothing effect. These natural ingredients provide for a lovely, physical scrub for the skin--amongst other benefits!

Sugar Scrub made with Fair Trade sugar to exfoliate and brighten skin

Another benefit to scrubbing the skin involves the ever-dreaded in-grown hair. An in-grown hair can occur when a hair cannot grow through a pore, due to the pore being blocked by dead skin cells sitting on the surface of the skin. Imagine a flower trying to grow through a layer of cement on the sidewalk--it wouldn't be able to push through and would get stuck. By exfoliating, you remove dead skin cells that could block pores and can therefore prevent in-grown hairs.

Exfoliation is a lovely way to keep the skin healthy and functioning naturally--and it feels pretty fantastic, too! When deciding on the texture of an exfoliant and how often you should scrub, we recommend that you listen to your skin and base your decisions on your personal preferences. We believe that your own desires for how you want to care for your skin and how it should look and feel are truly the ones that matter most!

Loranda Vazquez